The Green Team: How they work to help Byram, one bottle at a time!

By Lorraine DiSano

Each year, there are over 230 million tons of trash produced in the US alone. This number is staggering, and all of this trash doesn’t just disappear – it ends up going to one of more than 3,000 active landfills or one of the 10,000 old, urban landfills. It is difficult to find a solution to a problem as big as trash production, but one way to help decrease the amount of trash being thrown out is to turn to recycling.

Due to the need for a cleaner earth, several changes have been made throughout the district to encourage sustainability. Over the past few years, Mrs. Allison Miller had spearheaded improvements regarding recycling and sustainability efforts in Coman Hill, Wampus, and HCC. Since then, Byram Hills High School has decided to take action as well. Mr. Horn was one of the first faculty members interested in this initiative. He stated, “I went to Mr. Walsh last spring because I saw a need at our school for improvements with recycling and sustainability efforts.” This is how the Green Team was born, with Mr. Horn acting as the faculty advisor for the club.

The Green Team is made up of many enthusiastic students who care about the cause and do their best to make a difference. These members are responsible for coming up with different ideas regarding recycling and sustainability and implementing them into the school.

BHHS has undergone many changes thanks to the Green Team. The Green Team, with the help of the Maintenance and Grounds crew, have increased the number of recycling bins around the school. With this change, students and faculty, alike, will hopefully be reminded to recycle instead of helping to feed these landfills. The Green Team is also encouraging students and teachers to bring reusable water bottles to school so that the amount of plastic used will decrease.

In order to spread their message further, they have had some help from Bobcat TV. They have filmed and aired a few PSA’s, that are meant to raise awareness for these issues. Not only is the Green Team trying to increase the amount of plastic recycled, but they now have “No Car Idling” signs up in the parking lot.

Many students have noticed the changes. A freshman, Kristin Eickelbeck stated, “I have actually seen a lot more recycling bins and signs around the school.” These changes are playing a role in helping the environment.

With Spring just around the corner, the Green Team is getting prepared with new ideas. They are going to hold a “No Idling Day” and a “Paperless Day.” Another exciting event to look out for is the club’s Earth Day celebration, on April 22nd.