New Semester, New Electives!

By Chloe Sampere

As the Mentor Program came to a close, I interviewed freshmen to learn about the new electives they are taking during the second semester.
I first spoke with Brooke Benz, who is taking Studio In Art with Mr. Lopez. She chose this class because she “likes to draw and [she] wanted to be able to take future art classes.” So far she reflects, “I like it because we are able to draw fun and interesting things.” I too am taking Studio in Art but with Mrs. Karlin. I am really enjoying the class because it’s a great start to my morning; I get to come to school and draw, which is pretty relaxing! I agree with Brooke in regards to why I chose the class; likewise, I take Studio In Art so that if I want to take higher level art classes in the future, I can – at BHHS, Studio In Art is a mandatory prerequisite to all other art classes.
Next I spoke with Olivia Picca who is taking Film Media with Mr. Chuney. When she was younger Olivia “love[d] making iMovie’s with [her] brother, and when [she] learned that there was a high school course for this, [she] was immediately interested.” The class has been “very interesting because it teaches [us] how professional producers make their movies,” noted Olivia.
Alexa Jindal takes Photography with Mr. Chuney and finds the class “interesting because [students] get to learn about something [others] from [their] generation do not know how to do which is developing film.” Overall, Alexa chose this class because “[she] really likes taking photos and it is a very useful skill to have.”
I spoke with Anika who is in Pottery and Ceramics with Mrs. Menache. She enjoys the class because she believes that “it’s a time [she] gets to take and use [her] creativity and relieve stress from other subjects of school.” During this elective Anika has the opportunity to “sit down and be creative by making things and [using] imagination which [she] really enjoys.”
Kristin Eickelbeck decided to take Web Design with Ms. Weiss and she “finds it really interesting.” Kristin chose this particular class because she “thinks it is a very cool skill to learn.”
Lorraine DiSano takes Theatre Workshop with Mr. Piali and she finds it “really fun because it puts you outside your comfort zone.” In class, they “do really fun activities like a game similar to charades and [they also] did a speech about an object that was important to [them].” Although Lorraine was randomly assigned to this class, she really enjoys it because of how different it is than her other classes. If you are not interested in these electives though, there are a plethora of other types of electives available at Byram Hills.
The freshmen have definitely been enjoying their new electives during the second semester of the year. From Pottery and Ceramics to Theatre Workshop there is a huge variety of fun and unique electives to choose from at Byram Hills!