By Marleigh Canter

You may have seen the posters around school, but in case you haven’t… Oklahoma is here! For the past two months talented actors, singers, and dancer have been working hard to put together a fantastic show! Tonight, March 9th at 7pm, and tomorrow, March 10th at 2pm and 7pm, The Varley Players are performing their winter musical.

Set in the Midwest, this romantic, comedic, and melodious show is not one to miss. This classic musical follows Curly, a curly haired cowboy, and his hopes to take Laurey, a sweet farm girl, to the box social. However, Curly has waited too long and Jud, the farmhand on Aunt Eller’s farm, has already asked Laurey to the dance. Curly and Jud must fight for Laurey’s affection. Meanwhile Ado Annie, the judge’s daughter,  has fallen for the town’s peddler, Ali Hakim; however, concurrently Will Parker, a cowboy recently returning from Kansas City, is trying to have Ado Annie fall for him. In order to do so, Will Parer must collect 50 dollars so he can ask her father for her hand in Marriage. Confused–and a bit oblivious, Ado Annie must decide who will travel with her to the end of the earth! Watch Ado Annie and Laurey, best friends, work out their many love triangles in this romantic play.

Oklahoma is a famous show known for their classic songs and timeless story.Famously written by Rodgers and Hammerstein, this musical features some songs such as Oklahoma, Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, I Can’t Say No, People Will Say We’re In Love, and so many more!

John Duarte, playing the role of Jud Fry, says the biggest struggle of playing his role is transforming himself to fit the mindset of his character. “I have some things in common with him, but many differences as well. He’s a very malicious person, and that’s very uncomfortable to feel, but it’s been very important to play effectively.”John “has been having a blast, and I think that regardless of whether it’s someone’s favorite show or not you can enjoy a production. I think it is a lot of fun in choreographing, in getting lines down, in practice, and I get to see a lot of awesome people!”

Mr. Lopez, the theater director, describes the show as, “breezy… it moves along at a face pace and there is not a heavy context, there is also pretty music, and the sets are really attractive; it is a really pretty show.” The show is unlike any show the school has done before, it is “very heavy on choreography,” Mr. Lopez adds. It has been difficult to maintain “schedules and a high focus on academics,” but the show is going to be a huge success! Mr. Lopez can’t wait for the “audience’s reaction especially to some of the choreography!”

Ms. Menasche loves “working on the productions” and designing the props and crew as the art teacher involved. Simply put, Ms. Menasche states, “it’s fun.” The prop crew and herself have been “doing some research, such as ‘What did money look like?’ We are actually going to be printing some fake money, as itis exactly like what they used!” Clearly, the cast and crew have put in a lot of effort to make the show as realistic as possible.

Come enjoy the “granddaddy of modern musicals” that will transport you back in time on the first weekend of March!