Is there Enough Time in between Classes?

By Raquel Kanner

Picture this: The bell rings. Your next class is on the opposite side of the school. You are frantic and rushing to get to class, and you’re not the only one that feels this pressure. Students all around the school are cramming the hallways, making them difficult to navigate. In reality, the four-minute transition that occurs multiple times per day is crucial to many Byram Hills students. Whether you have to get to a test, lunch, or another class, the transition time can stressful.

When I asked students their opinion regarding this topic, most felt that this is an issue at Byram that could use fixing. One includes freshman Carly Sperber, who thinks that “Byram Hills does not have long enough time in between classes. To fix this problem, we should increase the amount of time in between class periods by shortening them by 2-3 minutes.” Putting this into perspective, if we shorten every period by a few minutes, there will be less time to finish up a test, learn a topic in class, and free periods would be cut short.

On the other hand, there were some students who thought that there was enough time to travel from class to class. Another freshman, Sydney Dooley, believes that “There is enough time between classes because my classes are all close together. This makes it easier to travel without rushing.” When I asked multiple students why there was enough time, most gave an answering concerning their schedule. Personally, since many of my classes are close together, the four-minute time slot of getting from class to class is a perfect amount of time. Although this works for me, this point is arguable. For a student who has back to back classes on opposite sides of the school, these four minutes will not be enough time for a student to arrive promptly.

Another question is now promoted when talking about the A day schedule. On A days, there are three minutes to get to class, instead of four. Junior Katie Lev commented that on A Days, “I feel like if I ask my teacher a question after class or I’m just taking a bit longer to pack my things, I am rushing to my next class or I am just flat out late.” I think we can all agree that A Days get very hectic, and the shorter transition is not making the day go by any smoother.

Whether or not you think four minutes is a sufficient amount of time in between periods, it is something administrators, teachers, and students have to live with every day.