Seniors Take the Runway

By Alexandra Brocato

Lights. Camera. Action. Last Wednesday, March 14th, BHHS seniors had the opportunity to walk in the annual Fashion Show. The Fashion Show is an event run by the students and led my Mrs. Croke, with the purpose of raising money for the senior prom. Once again, the night was a big success.

Seniors found the event to be extremely exciting and enjoyable, yet also nostalgic. The senior fashion show represents a milestone in each BHHS students career that is indicative of the end of a four-year high school experience. Senior Devon Wolfe noted that “It felt surreal to be part of the senior fashion show, as the next senior milestone is internship, then senior prom, and finally, graduation!”

During the fashion show, two juniors read aloud the bio of each student as they walked the stage. Senior Lily Moss remarked that “writing the bios was extremely fun. We all surprised our friends with their write-ups and poked fun at each other’s most embarrassing Byram experiences or achievements.” As each senior walked the runway, their hilarious bio would be read aloud to the large audience. Senior Sam Brooks found walking the walk to be “thrilling, exciting and an adrenaline rush!” Sam added that “although [she] has been on stage many times before as a serious dancer who competes at competitions across the country, walking the fashion show was almost more intimidating.” Lily jokingly agreed, “The last thing you want to do is fall!”

The seniors who opted to participate in fashion show had a rehearsal the night before. Senior Phoebe Waxman said that “during the rehearsal, I was extremely excited to be surrounded by my best friends on the stage. But I also realized that this was a moment that represented the nearing of the end of senior year.” For the seniors, this was both fun and bittersweet to be a part of.

This year the audience was filled with juniors who came to support their friends, family members, and teachers. Junior Ruth Beinhacker said, “It was super fun to watch my friends take the stage. Some people have really funny catwalks, and you can just tell everyone is having a great time up there.”

The senior fashion show is undeniably a night to remember for all those involved. It brings the senior class together to take part in a memorable and enjoyable night and also raise money for prom. Senior Malorie Lipstein, for one, “will never forget the night, walking alongside her best friends!”


We would also like to extend a special thank you to all stores who kindly agreed to sponsored the BHHS students. These stores include:

  • Beginnings Blues
  • Family Britches
  • Hickory & Tweed
  • House 29
  • Just In
  • LF
  • Mixology
  • Pedigree Ski Shop
  • Rothman’s
  • TruGrace
  • Whim
  • A Step Ahead
  • Elephant’s Trunk Mt. Kisco