The Choir Takes Disney!

By Hailey Jacobs

For years, it has been a tradition that varsity spring sports athletes at Byram Hills High School go to Disney World for spring break to compete in a tournament for their sport. However, it is no longer just sports. The choir went to Disney on Friday, March 23 to compete in a singing competition. Junior Isabelle Ilan described the competition and trip as “performing as an ensemble to be judged by various adjudicators. Following the adjudication, we had a lot of time to enjoy the parks and Disney as a whole!” The Jazz choir performed Moon River, This Masquerade, and Java Jive, while the regular choir sang Lacrymosa, All at Once Well Met Fair Ladies, and The Battle of Jericho.


For the past two years, the choir had gone to Six Flags once a year to compete at Singing in the Parks. The first year they did not compete but received superior ratings, so they decided to come back the next year and attempt to win. Both the choirs ended up winning everything: jazz choir won best overall, and concert choir won their category as well. Since they had done so well in that competition, Mr. Piali wanted to step it up. Junior, Juliet Capriglione, said she “thought Piali was joking when he said they were going to go to Disney, but the trip ended up happening!”. Junior Hannah Holden said, “This is the first time in ten years that the school has done a trip like this with the music department, so it was extremely exciting.” Juliet also said, “I am thankful for the opportunity and for the new experience! We had never done this before, so it felt great to be involved from the start.” Their stellar performances at previous competitions definitely served as an indicator of how they placed at Disney.

Senior, Laura LoBello, said “I was very excited to be a part of this Disney trip. Choir and jazz choir have put in so much hard work and dedication and we’re so happy that we were able to give a great performance! It was an amazing experience and definitely one of the highlights of my high school career.” As her final spring break as a high school student, and she was thrilled to get the exposure to singing in Disney before she’s off to college.

Another reason that the choir was excited, is because they had been so dedicated to preparing extensively for this competition. Over the course of many months, they learned all of the songs and were ready to share their hard work once the competition began. The Disney competition is on another level than their previous competitions, so many were nervous as to how they might perform. Luckily, they placed Superior, a high honor!