Spring Break: Why is it Important and What are People Doing?

By Olivia Canter

Teachers and students have been working extremely hard at Byram to learn new topics and receive good third quarter grades, but they deserve a break from the constant studying, chaos, and stress in their lives. Luckily, spring break is right around the corner! People are very excited to unwind, forget about school, and enjoy a week of well-needed relaxation.
Most of all, students and teachers alike are looking forward to catching up with their family. Freshman Anika Kumar explains, “I am visiting my extended family in the city, and family from Dallas is visiting me.” From studying to extra curricular activities, our time is consumed with school, and we often don’t get a chance to spend time with the most important people in our lives. On a similar note, freshman Julian Carnevale exclaims, “I am visiting South Texas near the Gulf of Mexico and visiting my grandparents and family. I also might go to a baseball game!” However, Anika and Julian are not the only ones who will be enjoying a relaxing and sunny spring break.
Freshman Sari Cohen is also going to be soaking in the warm weather; she explains, “I am going to Turks and Caicos because I love beaches.” The beautiful horizon and warm weather sets the perfect scenery for a destressing week away from school. Additionally, freshman Paul Lestz is thrilled to “go on vacation with [his] family.” Paul, along with many others, will be enjoying great family time and not focusing on stressors related to school.
However, not everyone is traveling this spring break; people also plan to relax at home. Freshman Madison Jakubek says she is “excited to play Fortnite.” Madison is thrilled to have no school related worries, and therefore have the ability to chill and play Fortnite, a popular and trending video game.
On the other hand, freshman Lorraine Disano doesn’t plan to relax at all. Spring sports have commenced, and she is going on an exciting trip for her sport, “Well, I am going to get a chance to play softball in Disney World which is an incredible experience because not only is it really good practice, but the team has a chance to bond and have fun on rides.” Many students alike are spending their spring break practicing for their various sports.
Sophomore Katherine Eisenhower plans to include all of these activities into her thrilling vacation, but she is most excited to “hang out with [her] friends and family.” Many people are looking forward to creating amazing memories with loved ones, whether they are staying home or going away. However, even more students seem to be making time for friends, family, and sports in order to get the most out of their break.
Despite this, many students plan to continue their studies for upcoming SAT and ACT exams as well as rapidly approaching AP final exams. People are spending their spring break in different ways, but everyone is excited to recharge for the final fourth quarter.
All in all, the action-packed activities that will take place during spring break include enjoying family time, going to sunny destinations, relaxing at home, practicing sports, and studying. Break is important for students and teachers, as we all get caught up in school’s craziness from time to time. When all of us get a chance to take a step back from our worries, we can reflect on the things in our life we should be grateful for.

Fortunately, the upcoming spring break gives us this chance to look at the big picture and soak up all the warmth in our lives, so we can be happy, relaxed, and appreciative!