Are We Saved by Daylight Savings?

By Ellie Reinhardt

It’s that time of the year again where spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. Students are in the final crunch mode to get through the year in one piece. While they happily embrace the seemingly longer days with the sun shining until 7pm, students grudgingly struggle to get out of bed early in the pitch black for a school day!

For years, people have had mixed emotions surrounding daylight savings and if its purpose is really necessary. Daylight saving time moves an hour of daylight from the mornings to the evenings, by shifting the clock forward by an hour and the opposite as fall approaches. On March 19, 1918, there was an act passed to ensure that the United States would preserve daylight; however, most countries don’t have daylight savings time leaving some people in the United States to find it unnecessary.

The immediate downside that comes to mind about daylight savings time is the precious hour of sleep we lose. It doesn’t seem like the biggest deal when it’s “just one hour,” but there is no doubt that people will feel like they have been hit with jet lag like it was a week long trip from England. Why not just switch the clocks forward on a Friday so we have a day to recover? Although we are in a day of age where technology takes care of switching our clocks forward for the most part, there are a few circumstances where you have to change them manually. Mostly everyone can relate to the feeling where you look at the microwave clock, and you just have to remember it’s an hour late until someone finally steps up to change it. Another noticeable difference due to daylight savings time is how dark it is in the morning waking up for school. It seems like you are waking up in the middle of the night! Sophomore Daryn Kaplan sees the trade off as being positive, however, remarking, “Although there is no sun in the mornings, it is so worth it when the daylight lasts until the late evening.” There are also pretty sunsets you can watch out for!

Once the clocks are changed, the spring feeling inevitably kicks in and students are ready for their summer break to come around the corner. You hear the birds start to chirp again in the morning and that spring smell outside arises. It’s hard to not notice everyone’s overall mood when this time comes around every year. Students are ready for the final stretch and make their way out of school from a long year. Especially with the late sun during this time, it makes it much easier for students to feel that they have time left in the day to fit in personal time and homework since the sun goes down much later. Junior Ally Ross believes, “I feel that I have much more time in the day when I come home from school since the sun is still shining.” Nothing like a little vitamin D!

It’s time to take advantage of the longer days we now have and get ready to switch our long sleeves to short sleeves and jeans to shorts!