Waving Bye to Mrs. Buchman

By Julia Barnett

She is a formidable force in the guidance department and her departure will mostly definitely be felt by both students and faculty. When Mrs. Buchman started at BHHS as a guidance counselor in 2000, the high school was a very different place. She explains that she had fewer students and there were very limited electives to choose from. Although a lot has changed, one thing remains the same; “I still enjoy all the relationships that I developed with the students and their parents.” Senior Emily Cooper for one “felt that the college process was stressful, but Mrs. Buchman was always there for support.” When asked what she would miss most about Byram Hills, Mrs Buchman said, “I will primarily miss the connections I have made with my students, their parents and my colleagues, and also the dynamic energy of the high school” Understandably, Ms. Buchman explains how she will not miss getting up early and doing paperwork!  

However, now that she is retiring she will have time to cross many things off of her bucket list! She hopes to spend time with her three grandchildren and travel the world. She already has a trip to Africa planned for the fall. Although she may be retiring, it certainly seems that Mrs. Buchman will not slow down one bit. She told me that she plans to “teach yoga, maybe do some counseling and to go into the city to visit museums and do other cultural activities.”

Mrs. Buchman knows that some of her students have voiced concerns over the transition next fall. She strongly advises her students not to worry because everything will be taken care of in advance. She explains that while the “transition is not in place yet, it will be smooth.” Mrs. Buchman will still be writing the junior’s letters of recommendation. She hopes to have the opportunity to meet the new counselor a couple of times to fill them on her students – most importantly her rising seniors. Mrs. Buchman made it clear that the most important thing is to not worry and that if anyone has any concerns about the college process or scheduling, she urges them to come and talk to her before her last day on June 29th.

During my interview with Mrs. Buchman, I asked if she had any advice for her current students. Her sage words for all high schoolers are, “to enjoy high school, as it goes by very quickly! Work hard and try to get involved in activities that you love,  but know your limits, you should not try to do everything but do what you really enjoy.”

Mrs. Buchman has been a vital part to both the Byram Hills guidance department and community. She has helped hundred of students feel prepared for high school, college, and beyond. Our school will definitely be different without her. On behalf of The Oracle, and the entire Byram Hills students and faculty, we want to thank you for everything you have done.