An Amazing Achievement: The AP Art Show

By Amanda Tuzzo

Have you ever visited the Museum of Modern Art or the Guggenheim? Did you walk through the exhibits amazed by the breathtaking displays? I bet you didn’t know, however, that you didn’t need to travel to New York City to see the amazing artwork! Each year, Byram Hills holds an AP Art show displaying the work of some of the most talented artists. The exhibit at BHHS displayed outstanding work; each piece spreading a different message, exemplifying another medium, and revealing the students’ commitment and passion for the arts.

Walking into the art show, diverse pieces of work were exhibited, each with its own unique aspect. The artwork was diverse; there were pieces ranging from photographs to paintings to sculptures and even digital work. Students from AP Art Photo, AP Art Studio, AP Art Graphic Design and AP Art 3D Design were all represented. Now, let’s not discount these students’ hard work. It most definitely was not magic that produced these pieces! Rather, after taking many years of art – whether it be Studio Art, Graphic Design, etc. – these juniors and seniors have continuously added to their bag of tricks, and this art show most definitely displayed the culmination of all of the complex techniques that these students have devotedly practiced.

The AP artists not only shared their hard work with the display of their pieces, but they also revealed their passion and creativity by articulating where their inspiration came from and what they hoped the audience would take away from their work. With many amazing pieces of artwork, the art show allows each student to have a concentration. Whether their focus was developed from being influenced by their surroundings, current events or purely from the joy of the creation, the artists were able to express themselves through their artwork. Each student had the ability to speak with parents, teachers, and peers about their work and answered many questions as well. The show took a lot of time and effort from the students and teachers, and a great deal of pride was carried with each presenter.

Many students that participated in this event focused on different aspects of art and were able to show their concentrations in different forms.

Emily Tillinger, a junior involved in the Art Show, spoke to me about her focus. She concentrated on perspectives and demonstrated this through a glass ball, which shows how people view their environment and surroundings from different viewpoints. The ball distorts the scene in various ways which shows the differing viewpoints of a scenario. Emily said that she loved “being able to express [her] thoughts through [her] work and share this with everyone [she loves].” Emily especially enjoyed the process that went into creating her piece and was happy to share this moment with her friends and family.

Ruth Beinhacker, also a junior, used photography to convey her interests. Using portraits of different people, she captured the lives of diverse and unique subjects and said, “I was really looking to emulate their spirits and personalities.” Beinhacker loved this experience because not only was she able to share her work with others but she loved being able to share her passion and give people new perspectives.

As the school year is coming to a close, the art show was a great way for students to display their accomplishments to those they love and an amazing experience for everyone who participated. These two students were not the only individuals who enjoyed their experience. Their families and peers, along with the rest of the audience had smiles on their faces as they were able to feel the great spirit of the talented and artistic students! Be sure to visit the exhibit next year; I can assure you that it won’t be something you’ll want to miss!