Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, What Will the Prom Changes Do?

By Samantha Krevolin

Every year prom season rolls around with new promposals, dresses, and excitement. Prom is a big tradition at Byram Hills High School, especially for seniors. It is one of the last events where students get together before parting ways to go off to college. Students look forward to the warm first week of June when they know prom weekend is about to begin. However, this year is the last year in which the tradition will continue the same way it has in the past. During the 2018-2019 school year, prom is going to undergo major changes that will impact the students attending.

For years, prom has taken place on the World’s Yacht “Princess.” This year will be the last Byram Hills prom at this location. Next year’s location is still unknown by the students, but it will definitely not be in New York City. Another difference in next school year’s prom is that transportation will not be arranged by the students. Students have organized transportation for themselves in the past, but in order to provide the safest experience possible, the school community believes it would be best to have the high school coordinate it from now on. This year, administration is starting to prepare for school transportation being a requirement, as Mr. Walsh told the class of 2018 that “in an effort to provide more safety options for our students, the PTSA will be providing a free chartered coach bus for any of our students to take to and from the prom.” Students should use this change to get an idea of what is to come in regard to transportation. The exact details of transportation for next year are still unclear, but it will definitely be arranged and required by administration.

Many juniors are upset about the changes occurring as they will be the ones most affected since it will be their senior prom. Students are also upset because some juniors will be able to go to prom this year with seniors and experience the parts of it that will be missed. Junior Macie Aronsky understands how her peers feel about these adjustments and claims that “it is hard for juniors to accept this change. We have seen how prom has been run in the past and are somewhat disappointed that ours will not be the same.” Since prom has been something people look forward to for years in advance, it is understandable that there will be some frustration with the modifications being made, but students should acknowledge that, more importantly, these changes are only created to help the students.

On the other hand, this uncertainty has also led to curiosity and excitement among other juniors. Without knowing what exactly is to come, students feel optimistic about these new developments. Alessandra Colella, a junior, has seen this side of the argument and admits that “as disappointing as it is that the 2019 prom will not be the same as years past, I like to look at it with a positive outlook and hope that these changes will only benefit our experience next year.” This perspective is very important to note as with ambiguity in situations like this one, it is difficult to have a clear-cut negative opinion before final decisions have been made. The administration at the high school understands the importance of prom to students, so it is our job to also acknowledge how they will try their best to make this “new” prom very similar to years past. The main goal of these changes is to ensure the safety of Byram Hills students, so we must understand that it is only occurring to benefit our well being at future proms.

No matter the adjustments that will occur next school year, what makes prom a night to remember is not the location or the transportation; it is, in fact, the students. Knowing that it is up to our high school community to make it an unforgettable event regardless of what the changes may be. Moreover, prom will be an even more enjoyable experience now that it will be in a safer environment. The promposals, the dresses, and excitement will all still remain, but now students can look forward to the new prom adventure no students in the past were able to have.