Summer Break: What are Byram Students Doing?

By Lauren Amico

After ten long and hard months, Byram Hills students and staff are certainly ready for a break. Thankfully, summer vacation is quickly approaching. June 12th is the last day of actual classes for students and then finals week, and June 22nd is officially the last day of school for all students throughout the district! Students have upwards of eight weeks to spend their time however they choose without the pressures of schoolwork and tests. We are all excited for our much needed time of relaxation!

Students often choose to spend this time differently. Although some have not figured out their summer plans yet, many students are excited to spend their summer at sleepaway camp. One freshman, Drew Siskin, says, “I am counting down all year until the days I can return to camp. I’m so excited!” Another student notes how he is excited to see his camp friends and try out all the fun and interesting activities his camp has to offer, such as water skiing and frisbee golf.

People also often use this time to travel and explore new places. Personally, I am going on a teen tour on the west coast and going to Spain with my family. Some students choose to go on service trips to places such as Costa Rica or even places in Africa! Instead, other people use this time to travel with their families. These excursions range from staying in the Hamptons to exploring Asia.

While summer does allow students to relax and unwind, it can also mean catching up and preparing for the next year. For science research students, especially the juniors in the program,  this summer is monumental in their research process. Students may go to a lab at a university or stay closer to home to complete their research. Ellen Amico, a current junior in the Authentic Science Research program explains she is, “going to Vanderbilt University this summer for a month to complete [her] science research.” Ellen will be working with her mentor at Vanderbilt to complete this research.

This summer is also a crucial time in the college process for rising seniors. Most students are starting their college essays and getting ahead in the application process.

Summer is also a great time to learn more about things you are interested in. Last summer, sophomore Madison Fang participated in a volleyball camp because that is something she is passionate about. Students also take advantage of internship and job opportunities. Sophie Stumacher says she is “looking forward to volunteering at her dad’s hospital for part of the summer.” Other students choose to get a local job to make a little extra money.

As high schoolers, it is clear that our summers are becoming increasingly busy and with less leisure time; however, that does not change the fact that summer serves as an excellent time to de-stress. All in all, Byram Hills can’t wait for a well-deserved break!