5 Signs of Summer

By Ellie Reinhardt

As the school year comes to a close and students are in the final stretch of a stressful year, it is inevitable that students start thinking about their summer plans. It is difficult to remain in these sweltering hot classrooms when you know that the pool is awaiting your arrival and that in just a few days, 100 pounds of stress, homework, and tests will finally be lifted from your shoulders. Although the 80-degree weather is the ultimate factor of our upcoming two-month vacation, there are many other things that evoke the feeling of a long-awaited summer.

1. When teachers start to pull out their massive review guides for the final/Regents and begin to talk about the dates for these big tests, we know that school is coming to an end. Even though a lot of preparation is about to go into these big exams, the end seems near, that feeling of relief when we leave the gymnasium after the last test suddenly feels tangible.

2.  As the months of May and June start to roll in, talk of our summer plans and what we will be doing with this long break begins. Summer camp, working at our first jobs, college summer programs, and extravagant teen tours begin to circulate through the air as we try to figure out what we will be doing. This makes it feel as though summer is within our reach!

3.  Although the true swimming will occur in just a few weeks, pools begin to open! It’s easy to forget that you still have hours of work to do when you get home after taking a relaxing dip in the pool. At least we are able to cool off beforehand!

4.  Everyone’s favorite dinner seems to pop up at least once a week: BBQ. Who doesn’t want to cook a nice meal on the grill and enjoy it outside in the nice weather?! Friends and family always seem to have the best time with hamburgers and hotdogs!

5.  Lastly, you know that it is summer when it’s the only thing you have been thinking about. We are dreaming of the days when we can ride around in cars with the windows down, listening to good music with our best friends – there was definitely a smile on your face after reading that!

All we have to do is get through the next two weeks of challenging exams and then we will be free for 2 months! Hang in there because summer is right around the corner!