The Armonk Lions’ Fol de Rol

By Amanda Tuzzo

Every year, at Wampus Community Park, the Armonk Lions Club hosts the Fol-de-Rol – a weekend of crazy rides, tempting food, exuberant games and lots of smiles! This carnival is filled with fun and is welcome to people of all ages! Whether it’s riding roller coasters, playing games, or browsing different vendors’ booths, there is definitely something for everyone!

This year, the Fol-de-Rol, known for rides like the Cages and the Ali Baba, was slightly different. Because of potential safety risks, many of these crazy rides were eliminated. Seventh-grader, Mya Tauber, says, “I used to love going for my favorite rides, but this year I turned to the games and good food.” Although some rides were absent, many of the great aspects of the carnival remained – the racing pigs, horse carriage rides, glowing Ferris wheel, swings and, of course, the funnel cake!

In addition to putting on a great event for the enjoyment of the community, the Lions Club hosts this carnival each year to raise money for various projects such as building the Gazebo at Wampus park, and lending a hand to The North Castle Citizen Council’s (NC4) Disaster Relief Trailer, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and Puppies Behind Bars.

This annual event brings the community together and is sure to put a smile on your face. After 44 years of this fantastic carnival, I can be certain in saying that it won’t disappoint! If you missed it this weekend, that’s okay; it’ll be back in less than a year!