BHHS’ Newest Addition: The Physics Mural

By Natalie Hooker

One of the newest and most exciting additions to Byram Hills High School is the Physics Mural that will grace the walls from floor to ceiling in the physics wing. This mural is currently being worked on by Mr. Lopez’s Advanced Drawing and Painting classes. There are eighteen students creating this life-size mural with the guidance of Mr. Lopez.

As many students are aware, there are murals in the chemistry, history, and English wings, so this new addition for the physics hallway is highly anticipated. This mural is dedicated to physicists who have made groundbreaking discoveries, conducted valuable scientific experiments, and have sparked enlightenment within their field of study. The art students started working on the mural in mid-May and are currently working to finish it before the summer – it will be fresh and ready for all eyes to view in September.

I am one of the eighteen students working on this project, so I witnessed each step we took to see this project come to fruition. First, each student chose what scientist they wanted to draw or paint and found the most detailed photograph or painting of them. This visual reference helped to guide our vision so that we could create the best work possible. If the photo of the physicist was only available in black and white, we had to find the appropriate color schemes and skin tones to match the subject according to the time period they’re from. We were also responsible for choosing a three-dimensional object or symbol relating to the scientist, which will later be attached to the wall.

In getting ready for this project, students spent a decent amount of time researching the beginnings of physicists’ discoveries starting at 230 BC. We needed to be mindful of the clothing these physicists wore, along with many other details, to make sure the mural was an accurate portrayal of these individuals.

Being given the opportunity to work on this mural is an honor for everyone involved. Junior art student, Alexa Schlau, says, “This project has been a challenge because it’s massive, but as an art student it’s a really great learning opportunity. It is such a fun and expressive assignment to work on with everyone, and I love seeing its growth through our accomplishments.”

This has been an amazing learning experience and a creation that everyone can take pride in. We hope you will love it as much as we all do!