Top 5 Summer Destinations for BHHS Students

By Olivia Scaglione

With students stressing for finals and Regents exams, there is one thing that everyone in the high school is looking forward to… summer vacation – a break from school in which students spend time with family and friends, and relax their minds before the next school year begins. Many students have plans for the summer, but these plans are often very different. When I spoke to various students around the high school I was able to determine the five most common summer destinations.

Destination #5 – Work. Even though most students aren’t looking forward to summer jobs, making some extra money during the summer months can be very useful. Whether it be working for a local bakery or working for the family business, summer jobs can leave students with great learning experiences. Freshman Olivia Picca told me that she is babysitting over the summer. She commented, “Babysitting is a great summer job because I am able to make my own hours and it is fun! It also teaches me to be patient and responsible.” Therefore, even though summer jobs may not be students’ favorite part of summer, they may provide students with valuable life skills.

Destination #4 – Europe. Many students are looking forward to traveling to Europe this summer. Marleigh Canter is traveling to Europe with her family and is excited to visit Iceland specifically. She excitedly said, “I can’t wait to visit Europe. It is something I have been looking forward to for a very long time!” Marleigh isn’t the only student visiting Europe this summer. Freshman Chloe Sampere is spending a month in France! Traveling over the summer isn’t just interesting, but visiting another country can get students out of the Armonk “bubble” and teach students about different cultures around the world.

Destination #3 – Staying home and relaxing poolside. Freshmen Gabriella Gentile explained that she is looking forward to clearing her mind over summer. In the midst of yawning, she said, “I can’t wait till summer begins…I am excited to hang out with my friends and clear my mind. Something that I find extremely relaxing is sitting out by the pool and I am looking forward to doing just that this summer.” For ten months, students are pressured with homework, tests, and sports, so who wouldn’t want to spend summer vacation destressing by the pool?

Destination #2 – The beach. Whether it’s the tropics, New Jersey, or the Hamptons, the beach is on everyone’s summer bucket list. Maddie Endico is eager to relax at her Hamptons house over the summer and said that “[her] favorite place to be is the beach. Just thinking about the sounds of the waves hitting the sand relaxes [her].” Most of the students I spoke with agreed that once your feet hit the soft sand and you smell the ocean breeze, your mind automatically enters a state of relaxation.

Destination #1 – Sleepaway camp. Many students are planning to attend sleepaway camp for the first seven weeks of their summers. Freshmen Jordyn Bernard explained that she believes sleepaway camp is a great way to spend summer vacation and said, “Going to camp is something I look forward to year-round since I get to reunite with my camp friends. Camp this year, however, is going to be bittersweet since it is my last year.” Spending summer away at sleepaway camp is not just fun, it is a great way to meet new people and stay active.

Regardless of students’ different summer plans, everyone is using summer vacation as a time to relax and escape from the stresses of school. So, when studying for final exams and Regents, keep calm and remember that summer vacation is only days away!