By Amanda Anikstein

It is that time of year again when students and faculty dress up according to the crazy themes created by students at the high school. During our annual spirit week, Byram Hills shows off their pride for the Bobcats in a fun-filled way for everyone! Spirit week takes place every day over a course of one week, pumping everyone up for the pep rally, the sporting events, and just showing glory to the hills!
Starting on Monday, September 24th, the theme is an all-time favorite: pajama day. Everyone wears their most comfy clothing to school to start off an amazing week. It is the perfect way to make a Monday better by just rolling out of bed!

Next, on Tuesday, September 25th, the high school will be showing off their favorite jerseys. This is a new theme for this year’s spirit week to try and encourage boys’ participation in dressing up! Sophomore Sam Lubcher says that he “loves the addition of jersey day because [he is] a big sports fan and it adds a fun aspect to school life.” Everyone will get to wear the team they route for!
Then, on Wednesday, September 26th, tradition remains! Each grade will be wearing their colors! The freshman will be wearing white, the sophomores will be wearing blue, and the juniors will be wearing red. And, of course, the seniors will wear their annual blackout t-shirts.
Following, on Thursday, September 27th, another new theme will be introduced – luau day! On this day, all the students will dress up as if they were taking a vacation to a tropical island. Anika Kumar, a member of the Grade Activities Board, was one of the few students who voted for this new addition. Anika says that she “voted for it because [she] thought it was really unique and something different to add to this year’s spirit week.” Students love the new idea of luau day because it gives everyone a chance to wear their last bit of summer clothes.
Finally, to wrap up the week, Friday, September 28th, is Bobcat day! Students rep their red, white, and blue to show off the BHHS pride. On spirit day, the students always look forward to Byram’s annual pep rally! During the pep rally, cheerleaders get everyone in the crowd so excited to start off a great new school year. Also, the four grades compete against each other in fun games, and at the end, one grade will be announced as the winner. Finally, during the pep rally, the homecoming court is announced. Time to get those votes in!
Overall, spirit week is meant to get all the students and faculty excited for a new school year and let me tell you, it always works! Encourage everyone in the BHHS community to participate in this year’s spirit week, so we can start the 2018-2019 school year with a bang!