Bobcat of the Month: Joe Saglimbeni

By Ben Gordon

For the first time in Byram Hills High School history, evening athletic events will be held on our turf field. After years of failed recommendations from coaches and other faculty members, senior football player Joe Saglimbeni decided to take charge because, as he put it, “[his] teammates and [himself] had always wanted to play a home game under lights, and since [his] senior season was coming up at the time, [he] decided to take action.” After many emails to the administration, the idea was approved. In addition to making sure this happened for him and his teammates, Assistant Athletic Director Brett Alcantara stated that Joe “played an instrumental role by advocating on behalf of the student-athletes,” making sure that the lights would be used for “every varsity team that plays on the turf, not just football.” Due to Saglimbeni’s extraordinary efforts, he is looking forward to “[transforming] our community” and “bringing everyone in the area together for these events to appreciate all that the student-athletes do for the schools and how devoted they are to Byram Hills.” Make sure to come out and support the Bobcats in these crucial games. You won’t want to miss them!