A Recap on Byram’s Pep Rally

The pep rally has been a tradition at Byram for as long as anyone can remember. For many first-year students, however, the experience is entirely new. In this article, Lucy Kwittken documents the pep rally from the perspective of a freshman; read more to discover her insights.

By Lucy Kwittken

After a long week of spirit for Byram Hills, the school gathered on Friday, September 28th, for the annual pep rally! After dressing up for five days in pajamas, jerseys, different colors, luau gear, and Byram spirit, the gymnasium erupted in cheers as the 2018 pep rally began. The pep rally brings the school together and spurs pride both in Byram and its sports teams.

At 1:30 the band kicked off the pep rally as each grade entered the gymnasium. Nathan Hwang, a freshman in the band, explained that the band performed at the beginning of the pep rally so that they could participate in the remaining activities. Shortly after the band’s performance, everyone stood up and listened as the BHHS choir sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” resulting in an uproar of cheers. Next, the cheerleaders came out and presented their dance remix that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Freshman Alana Curley recalls that “after school, the cheer team uses all of their practice time to prepare for the pep rally which is usually about 2 hours.” Lastly, each varsity team went to the center of the gymnasium to show their pride for upcoming games.

   Before the events began, each grade (except for the freshman) performed a 10-second skit. The first event was the Hula Hoop Pass. Ten people from each grade stood in a line and passed a hula hoop down and back up while holding hands. The event was close, but the juniors were victorious, and the seniors were a close second. The second event was Hungry Hungry Hippos. One student from each grade lied down on a scooter attempting to catch as many tennis balls as possible using a basket. Meanwhile, other team members ran around and gathered tennis balls around their hippo. The last event, the all-time favorite, The Scooter Race. In this event, eight people from each grade and eight teachers race across the gym on a scooter with two styrofoam blocks. The defending champions, the teachers won this particular event using the same strategy as last year.

Finally, the homecoming court was announced. Nicole Feldman became BHHS’s queen and Moses Zhang, its king. After many fun-filled activities, final scores were announced. In fifth place was the freshmen, fourth was the sophomores, third was the teachers, second was the seniors, and the juniors triumphed as they were announced as the winner of the 2018 pep rally!

The pep rally has been a Byram Hills tradition for as long as anyone can remember. However, it is an entirely new experience for freshman and can be a little intimidating. Lily Auster, a freshman, admits how “[she] was a little anxious when everyone was shouting at the freshmen, but it was kind of funny!” The pep rally brings joy to Byram and its students. Freshman Abby Yallof explains how “every student came out of school that day with pride in their high school, which is what the pep rally is all about.”