BHHS Welcomes Ms. Dubak!

As most students have noticed, there is a new face in the administration at Byram Hills High School: Ms. Dubak. Read this article to find out more about our new vice principal!

By Lizzie Manowitz

As most students have noticed, there is a new face in the administration at Byram Hills High School: Ms. Dubak. As our new vice principal, Ms. Dubak is excited for what the upcoming year has in store. Ms. Dubak’s career started as a high school English teacher in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She then became the vice principal at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY. Now, we are lucky enough to have her join us at Byram Hills!

When Ms. Dubak was young, she knew she wanted to work in education. As a child, she would often play “school” with her sister, who is now a teacher as well. As Ms. Dubak recalled, she and her sister would get very into the “game.”

When asked what her favorite thing about working in a school environment is, Ms. Dubak shared that she really enjoys “being around so many different people and getting to know all of the students.” One of her favorite parts of the school year is the bittersweet, graduation day. She loves seeing all the students who she has watched throughout their high school careers graduate and move on to the next chapter of their lives. She even keeps in touch with some of her students from past years!

So far, Ms. Dubak is “loving” her time at Byram Hills! This is the smallest school she has worked at, which is something she enjoys because “you get to know people faster.” She says everyone has been extremely “friendly and welcoming.” Ms. Dubak is particularly looking forward to having students participate in the Challenge Success Survey, which is designed to collect data on the academic engagement and well-being of middle school and high school students in order to improve their overall academic and social experience. Ms. Dubak is “excited to see the future changes the survey leads to.”

Outside of school, Ms. Dubak enjoys spending time with her family. She has two young daughters, a one year old and a three year old. Aside from her family, Ms. Dubak really enjoys reading. She tries to make it a habit to read for pleasure every night – a good habit we should all try to get into!

After spending some time with Ms. Dubak, it’s clear she is a great new addition to the Byram Hills community. She is warm, caring and thoughtful. We are lucky to have her and are excited to see the great things she will do as part of the Byram Hills administration!