¡Bienvenidos a BHHS!

We have welcomed a new Spanish teacher to the Byram Hills community. Read this article to find out more about Señora Feldi!

By Hallie Gordon

Byram Hills wishes a huge welcome to the new Spanish teacher, Mrs. Feldi, as she enters her first year in the 2018-19 school year. Prior to working at Byram Hills, she taught Spanish at Fox Lane, Clarkstown Central School district, and Nanuet High School her favorite of them all. She began learning basic Spanish in elementary school and continued to enjoy it, even as it got more complex.

Although Mrs. Feldi does not have any Spanish relatives, as a child, she had always looked forward to learning about Spanish. Her dominant language is English; however, she claims that not being a native speaker helped her remember different tricks in high school. Mrs. Feldi states, “I enjoy grammar, culture, and the ability to talk in a new language, and while learning Spanish, it came easy and clicked for me.” During her summers in high school, she loved going to Costa Rica to learn Spanish. In addition to learning Spanish, she was able to go zip lining, white water rafting, and ATV riding. After attending school, she went on to study at Stone Hill University. However, after realizing that it was too small for her, she transferred to the University of Rhode Island.

As the school year begins, she is looking forward to teaching about hobbies, which she believes is a fun unit for everyone. Additionally, she enjoys teaching about food. In terms of advice to students, she claims the best thing to do “is to practice a lot because if you use the words you learned, then you will remember them.” She also feels that writing and traveling are also nice ways to practice. She is very excited to be here this year. Make sure to give Mrs. Feldi a friendly hello if you see her in the hallways!