The Bobcat Run: Bad Weather Destroys the Course

The Bobcat Run is the largest Byram-hosted invitational meet of the cross country season, however this year, the meet did not take place. Read this article to find out why!

By Mia Dittrich

The Bobcat Run, scheduled for Saturday, October 13th, was canceled due to poor weather conditions. The Bobcat Run is the largest Byram-hosted invitational meet of the cross country season, inviting over 30 teams from the surrounding area to compete. This year, however, heavy rainfall left the trails damaged with hazardous conditions such as mud and pools of water, prompting the athletics department to cancel the event the night before its scheduled date.

The team had spent weeks preparing for the meet, including preseason training during the summer, as well as standard training throughout the formal cross country season. Furthermore, they stayed at school late multiple times during the week leading up to the run so that they could set up the entire course, only to have to take it all down again. Thus, the team was greatly let down by the cancellation.

The Bobcat Run is the equivalent of the senior and homecoming games played by other sports teams at the high school, so the runners were extremely excited. Senior Katie Lev noted that “when [they] heard it was canceled, [she] was completely devastated. Since it’s [her] senior year, it was [her] last time to experience the fun of bringing the community together like the Bobcat run always does.” These sentiments were definitely shared by the team upperclassmen who won’t get another opportunity to race on their home trail before the season ends.

Traditionally, the Byram Hills cross country team has a team dinner the night before the Bobcat run. Even without the meet, they still had the opportunity to come together, have a good time, and eat “Govan’s famous carrot cake.” They certainly made the best of an unfortunate situation!