A Spook-tacular Halloween

By Olivia Canter

Whether it be a princess, a movie character, or our favorite candy, Halloween is the perfect time of the year to express ourselves and have fun! Halloween at BHHS was very exciting and full of smiling faces as the colorful costumes in school created an energetic and lively day.

Many students showed enthusiasm for this holiday, as countless people roamed the halls in original outfits. From cat ears to epic animal onesies, to attire from characters of popular TV shows, many high schoolers and teachers really expressed their excitement for this fun-filled event.

Halloween has been a tradition ever since the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain; here, people would wear costumes to scare off ghosts. Later on, in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III made November 1st All Saints Day; this included customs of Samhain. Eventually, these holidays syncretized into All Hallows Eve and later Halloween. As time passed, Halloween welcomed new customs, such as carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, festivals, and eating candy. Although the purpose of this holiday has transformed, one practice has consistently remained: people wearing spooky and fun costumes!

Dressed up as Lenny Pepperbottom, Senior Emma Freund explains, “I think Halloween is a great tradition. I think it is a new way to break up October and I think it signifies Fall right before Thanksgiving. It’s fun.”

Halloween is a nice break from the academics of school as students and teachers can enjoy the day. In fact, Tom Lombardo, a sophomore who dressed up as a Tune Squad character from the movie Space Jam, says, “Halloween is a pretty good time. It is nice to see what everyone else dresses up as. It feels more like a relaxation day if you come into school.” Not only this, but Halloween is a great way for kids to express their interests. Through their outfits and attire, students and teachers can illustrate to others their favorite bands, characters, books, movies, and even objects! Sophomore John Davanzo explains, “I think it is a great time of year. It is an opportunity for people to dress up as their favorite characters.”

Teachers and students were seen wearing shirts from bands, animal costumes, onesies, and countless other fabulous costumes! Sophomore Lorraine Disano exclaims that she “loved seeing loads of different people dressed in different costumes. It really showed different personalities, and it was a great way for [individuals] to express their favorite sources of entertainment.” In fact, the tech room decorated their classroom, many teachers gave out delicious candy, and the freshmen class had an awesome Halloween party during first period!

The day was truly memorable, and it really lived up to its expectations. Sophomore Olivia Picca explained how she really enjoyed the school day, as it symbolized the essence of “school and Halloween spirit!”

I hope you had a spook-tacular Halloween too!