The Senior Mentors Throw a Halloween Party!

By Lorraine DiSano

Just last week, the mentor program joined together during the first period on October 31st to celebrate Halloween! As always, there was a wide range of delicious candy, fun-filled games, and crazy costumes in the BHHS cafeteria.  

For as long as the mentor program has been a part of BHHS, the Halloween party has taken place. Over the past six years, the mentor program has added more games to play and even a “haunted house” that the mentors set up the night before. Bobcat Hall is typically where the haunted house is located, but this year the hallway next to Bobcat Hall was used as the construction of the theater is still underway and Bobcat Hall is being utilized as a storage room. The haunted house is where Freshmen test their bravery and leave with a bag full of candy! Yes, at this party, there was food, drinks, spooky music, and even carnival style games to play. If a student won any of the games, they got a full-size candy bar as a reward!  Each mentor class was in charge of bringing something for the party, whether it was bagels, donuts, candy, or fruit to ensure participation from all classes.

Although this party is a fun way for the mentees to celebrate Halloween, it also allows the mentor classes to become closer within one another as a grade. Mr. Andriello put it perfectly by stating, “It is a great time for freshmen to have some fun and remind themselves that though school is important, so is enjoying time with friends (and getting candy).”

Prior to the party, the freshmen were counting down the days until they would be able to enjoy the fun planned by their mentors. Freshman Sara Grgurovic said, “I can’t wait for the party because school can be very stressful. This party is a perfect time to let loose and have fun.” The mentors were also very excited. Senior Elyse Kanner announced that they would be “planning a haunted house and games for the freshmen to play to earn candy and prizes. It should be really fun, and I think they’ll love it!” Elyse was absolutely right – the freshmen and mentors alike had an awesome time!

The mentor Halloween party allows the freshman class to enjoy themselves while indulging in delicious treats and experiencing some spooky activities. It was the perfect way to celebrate Halloween!