An Indoor Waterfall? Yup, That’s Right!

An indoor waterfall? Yup, that’s right! But why? Read this article to find out!

By Ari Tabankin

One of the disadvantages that comes with school is stress. Fortunately, there are many ways to help cope with it. That being said, some of these coping mechanisms are not always easy or available to do at school. But this is soon going to be changed. With the addition of a water feature to the library, many students are going to have the opportunity to relieve some of their stress.

The concept of installing a waterfall or a center of relaxation for students was Ms. Nardone’s idea and it was executed by Mr. Walsh, along with the Class of 2018 as a way to give back to the school. It was ordered online during the summer and arrived in September. It will be added to the back of the library, along with new furniture to make for an even better working space.

With the installation of new furniture, the hope is that students will be able to get more work done in a cozier environment. As reported by the Huffington Post, a study found that “listening to nature sounds at work can boost your mood and productivity”

This entire project should be completed and available to students by Thanksgiving. The water fixture will help students to destress and relax more, while also allowing for more productivity. All in all, this plan seems like a great addition to BHHS! Be sure to stop by the library in the next few weeks to check out this new waterfall!