A Snow Day in November?

On Friday, November 16th, Byram’s students had their first snow day of the 2018-19 school year! Read on to learn about the community’s opinion regarding the closing of schools and how students spent this time off.

By Arielle Goldman

A snow day in November? Yes, that’s right! The first snow of this school year occurred on Thursday, November 15th, forcing schools to call an early dismissal and then a snow day the following day! Many individuals had differing opinions regarding the decision to close school for the day. Many were excited and relieved to have a day off, giving them a three day weekend, while other students felt anxious as their assessments would be pushed back another day. Some students chose to use this extra time to study and get ahead with their workload, while others relaxed with a cup of hot cocoa.

A snow day is usually exciting for the community but this one was a little out of the ordinary. While there wasn’t much snow falling during the hours of the school day, roads proved to be dangerous in the morning. Some community members felt that this was a “wasted snow day” as the district only allows for four snow days before days are taken away from spring break. On the other hand, some were in support of the district’s decision and were pleased to have a day to themselves. Freshman Hallie Gordon states, “I really enjoyed my snow day. I enjoyed being able to relax, catch up on some work, and it was a nice break.” Taking a break from the pressure of school gave students an opportunity to take a well deserved break in their increasingly busy years.

This snow day happened to fall on one of the last weeks before Thanksgiving and the end of the quarter when many teachers try to cram in some last-minute assignments. Many students had exams on the day of the snow day, resulting in testing schedules to be changed. Lucy Kwittken was one of the many freshmen who had their math test moved from Thursday to Monday. When asked if it was inconvenient that her exam date was moved, she said that it was because she “had to keep studying.” However, Lucy decided to take advantage of the snow day as she had the chance to finish “all of [her] homework and [she] baked Christmas cookies.”

While this snow day was certainly unexpected, the district felt that it was important to close schools for the safety of all students and teachers.