4 Steps to the Perfect Friendsgiving

Though Thanksgiving may be in the past, this time of the year is all about giving thanks, and thus, it’s never too late to host a Friendsgiving of your own! Read this article to get some inspiration!

by Jordan Siegel

Although our stomachs may still be recovering from our Thanksgiving feasts, there is one more meal we have in store: Friendsgiving. Before we start playing Christmas music, we still have one more chance to give thanks to our loved ones. On Friendsgiving, friends come together for a fun dinner. From french toast to mac & cheese, these elaborate meals are filled with several types of food to ensure something for everyone! So in the spirit of the holiday, I asked some students at Byram about how they celebrate Friendsgiving.

Step 1: Decide who is going to host Friendsgiving and where it will be. Before doing anything, decide where you and your friends are going to have the event. Sophomore Drew Siskin shared a little bit about her experience stating, “My friends and I [had] Friendsgiving at one of our own houses, but I know some people just go out to dinner.”

Step 2: Decide what foods you are going to eat and who is going to bring what. Some people like to host a potluck where each person brings something different. For example, one person will bring the turkey, and someone else will bring the mashed potatoes. When I asked sophomore Megan Lee about her Friendsgiving, she said, “My friends and I had one the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and it was so fun. We had dinner at my house and ate all the classic Thanksgiving foods.” It’s also fun to stray away from the classic Thanksgiving foods and to eat regular comfort foods like chicken fingers and french fries.

Step 3: Decorate. Decorating your home, or wherever you may be having Friendsgiving, with pumpkins and fall wreaths is a great way to spice up the dining room. It can also be fun to gather your friends a few days before and make DIY (do-it-yourself) decorations together!

Step 4: Have fun. It can be easy to get caught up in all of the little details and specifics, worrying about how everything is going to work out, but in the end, Friendsgiving is about the company – your friends. “Friendsgiving is such a fun way of giving thanks to your friends,” Sophomore Nicole Ramirez told me. Nicole and her swim team had Friendsgiving not too long ago, and she noted that “it made [her] team closer and it made [them] realize how thankful [they] were for each other.”

It’s definitely not too late to gather your friends and have a Friendsgiving meal. From where to eat to what to eat, I hope this article gave you some ideas about how to celebrate with your friends. Happy holidays, Byram!