As the holiday season comes to a close, let’s reflect on how Armonk Square was festive for the holidays!

by Tanya Postian

Strolling through the streets of Armonk, you can be sure to see wreaths and menorahs illuminating the town. The community dove into the holiday season by stringing garland from shop to shop and planting snowmen (that don’t seem to need snow!) next to benches. Twin candy canes flanked the entrances to the town square, with festive lamp posts following behind. Simply tapping into the excitement of the holidays put a smile on everyone’s faces.

In other parts of town, you could find more decorations, such as snowflakes hanging in Wampus Brook Park or bright lights framing store windows on Main street. However, the town square is a staple for many older Armonk citizens, and they are able to find themselves immersed in the holiday spirit as they walk down the cobblestone streets. The decorations are hung up every year to get the people of Armonk excited for holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and countless others.

Although the decorations were moderate, they definitely brought the holiday festivities to light. Gabriella Colabello, an Armonk resident, said that the decorations “really get [her] into the holiday spirit even though it’s such a small concept.” It’s the small accents to each shop window or lamp post that highlights this wondrous season. This short cobblestone pathway, between stores such as Tazza and Susan Blake Jewelry, in the middle of Armonk, can bring a smile to anyone who chooses to walk down it, because of its gentle reminder of the holidays, a time to spread joy and love.

Armonk has always celebrated the tradition of holiday decorating in late November-early December, since as long as I can remember, and has been decorating the Armonk Square since it opened in 2013. Each year the holiday embellishments have had the same positive effect on Armonk citizens and has opened the doors to let the holiday season begin. Armonk residents on their way to buy presents from local stores, and high school and middle school students from Byram Hills alike, can enjoy the pleasant scenery the decorations provide during the winter season.

Besides decorations for the holidays, you can usually find Armonk decorated with plenty of wintery ornaments as well. In Armonk Square, specifically, there are sentinels of snowmen to welcome the incoming snow of winter. The hanging snowflakes in the park also demonstrate North Castle’s wintery mood. However, the snowmen in Armonk Square, besides declaring winter’s company, also pay tribute to Frosty the Snowman, who has his origins right here in Armonk, where the song’s lyricist, Steve Nelson, lived.

It is these diverse and expressive decorations that make Armonk and its residents enriched in holiday spirit every time the winter season rolls around. Every time you are walking down the cobbled path of the Armonk Square, whether it’s this year or future ones, be sure to appreciate all that create such holiday cheer.