Ms. Healy’s New Class: Wellness 4 Life

By Ariana Tabankin

In today’s day and age, staying healthy can be a big challenge, especially for teenagers. Between homework, after-school activities, and students’ social lives, there isn’t a lot of time left for focusing on ourselves, both physically and mentally. But we have a solution thanks to Mrs. Healy!  She has created a new course for students to explore topics like nutrition, stress management, and fitness.

Ms. Healy explored the idea for this class about three years ago, and it was pitched to Mr. Walsh about a year and a half ago. While she was on maternity leave, she had the time and was in the proper mindset to do more research and planning for an elective like this. And so, 2019 is finally here and it is the first year students have the opportunity to take this wonderful class.

Mrs. Healy was inspired by the “overwhelming amount of information and conflicting advice” on topics like nutrition and stress management. She wanted there to be a class and space, in which “students [could have] hands-on and experience, [learning] what works for them [and how] to live their best life.” Students taking this class won’t just be learning, they will be gathering tools that will help them throughout life as well. All grade levels can take this elective, and it is sure to not only be beneficial, but so much fun too! Ms. Healy, and students alike are so excited for the class to begin in just a few weeks!