The Super Bowl: How are you celebrating?

With only three days to go, are you ready for the Super Bowl. Let’s find out what one of Byram’s students thinks are the essentials for a great Super Bowl party!

By Alex Berkman

Over one hundred million Americans watch the super bowl every year. Some fans watch in small groups among close friends and family, while others congregate in large groups in stadiums and at restaurants/bars to celebrate the end of the football season. This year, there will be a familiar sight for all, as veteran quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots return to their ninth super bowl in just seventeen years, and to their third in three years. They will face twenty-four-year-old Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams, who seem destined to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to L.A. after an outstanding season. Nevertheless, whoever you may be or whichever team you may support, a great party is and will always be the key to an enjoyable super bowl experience! So… how do you host a super bowl party?

Food: Good food is essential for a killer super bowl party. In Armonk particularly, it is compulsory that your food options are accommodating towards all types of eaters, those on strict diets, and those who feel that no amount of food could ever be too much. Nevertheless, regardless of which category of eaters you fall into, as a host, it is always a “must” to offer a wide variety of finger foods such as chicken wings, sliders, mini hot dogs, and nachos. These foods will leave guests longing for an invitation to next year’s super bowl party.

Betting: With every Super Bowl comes the obligatory pool board that keeps even those who despise football intrigued to find out the score of each quarter. These pools bring about a cohesive community of fans equally excited to watch the game in hope of cashing out rewards.

Arrangements: Housing arrangements are extremely important to host a comfortable party for all guests. Preferably, multiple television sets will be needed to separate the different types of fans at your home. These include the die-hard fans who scream and shout at every call made and ball fumbled, the younger children, who do not care for football yet, and the moms and daughters, who for the most part are more interested in watching the commercials and the halftime show than a single down of football. And, of course, sitting space must be provided for all of your guests – let’s be real, no one likes to stand for a three-hour game.

Unfortunately, despite how well you host your super bowl, disappointment will still loom over your home as the New York teams fail to make it the Super Bowl… yet again. But don’t worry Jets fans, there is always next year… not!