7 AM Wake Up Call!

Once students reach Sophomore year of high school, they are presented with more options in terms of which classes to take. Health is requirement to graduate for all students; however, many find themselves struggling to fit it into their schedules. Find out about the 7 AM “solution” and let us know whether you think students should be waking up this early or not!

By Chloe Sampere

Once students reach Sophomore year of high school, they are presented with the option of 7 AM Health – health being a graduation requirement for all students. Many students, however, find themselves struggling to fit this class into their busy schedules. Due to this common issue, 7 AM Health is offered to allow students to take this course as well as other classes that they desire such as double language, Science Research, Global Scholars, and many other classes that last two semesters. Although 7 AM Health allows students to take this required course while taking full-year classes, many people question if taking this class at 7 AM is even worth it, with students getting such little sleep. 

Getting to school an hour before its start time can be extremely detrimental to students’ already fragile sleep schedules. With most high school students being sleep deprived, 7 AM Health can be viewed as another added stress and negative impact on their abilities to concentrate in school. Additionally, research has shown that, with fewer hours of sleep, students suffer from drowsiness, which can decrease academic performance.

On the other hand, many are in favor of 7 AM Health because it allows students to fill up their schedules, enabling them to take classes they are passionate about, while still meeting all requirements. This option is a great offering because it gives students the option to take two full-year classes while completing their requirements for Health.

I spoke with Sophomore Ileana Baquero who took 7AM Health first semester. She felt that it was definitely “difficult waking up earlier than [she] had to for school” because the class begins 45 minutes prior to any other classes. However, she also stated, “It is a very calm environment because all of [the students] there are focused on learning, so it’s not very high pressure despite the early wake-up time.” Ileana also added that her bus only arrived a few minutes after she has to leave for 7 AM Health, so it hasn’t affected her sleep schedule much. Finally, Ileana said she would “rather take the class if it were offered after school or at another time.”

Finally, I spoke with Sophomore Olivia Canter who echoed Ileana and added that “an online course would be the best option because it would allow [students] to fulfill the requirements necessary without obstructing [their] sleep [schedules].”     

As a Sophomore myself, I am not looking forward to taking 7 AM Health this semester. I already struggle greatly getting up in the morning, and getting up an hour earlier will be quite difficult. I agree with Ileana that I would prefer to have the class at a different time; however, I did opt to take this class in order to take ALL of the classes I wanted to.

Overall, Health is a necessity to graduate, but is 7AM the best time for students to be taking this class?