Seniors Commit to College!

By Jordan Siegel

As we take time to reflect on ED season, while looking forward to EA, ED2, and of course regular decisions, more and more seniors at Byram Hills are getting ready to start a new phase in their lives. Students are very excited, yet also a little nervous, to finish high school and begin school somewhere new at the end of August. While it is most definitely a rewarding and thrilling feeling to get accepted into college, change can be very intimidating. To learn a little bit more about how seniors who have already committed to college feel, I asked three seniors, Talene Basil, Tatiana Geller, and Tyler Weinstein a few questions about their recent acceptances and what they’re going to do next!


What college will you be attending in the fall?

Talene: University of Miami

Tatiana: Texas Christian University

Tyler: Cornell University

Did you apply early decision to these schools?

Talene: Yes

Tatiana: Yes

Tyler: Yes

What are you majoring in?

Talene: Health sciences/pre-med

Tatiana: Pre-business –  marketing and management

Tyler: Biology

Now that you’re in college, what are the next steps? Will you be visiting your future home? Are you finding roommates? What comes next?

Talene: As of right now, I am looking for a roommate. My family and I are going to visit UMiami to meet people soon.

Tatiana: I have to sign up for orientation and start talking to potential roommates. My family and I might be visiting later in the year.

Tyler: Right now I am trying to meet new people going to my school or to find a roommate through social media. I will be visiting my school very soon, and hopefully, I will find a roommate within the next month or two.

Has high school become less stressful now that you know that you’re into college?

Talene: Yes and no. It kind of feels less stressful, but I still have a heavy workload.

Tatiana: I guess so…

Tyler: High school has definitely become less stressful!!

Finally, what are you most looking forward to most about going to college?

Talene: A lot! But mostly being able to be independent. Starting at a new school with new friends in a new area is really exciting to me.

Tatiana: I’m really excited to go to a whole new place and area and get used to a different lifestyle. I’m also excited to experience new things.

Tyler: I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people in college most!


More and more Byram seniors are getting ready to make the transition from high school to college as they receive their acceptance letters. They are meeting new people, going new places and becoming more independent. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!