An Extremely FAST February Break

As March is now underway and we are further from February break, we long of our days on the beach, in the mountains, or perhaps watching our favorite Netflix series from bed! Let’s take a look at how some of Byram’s students spent their February break!

By Jordan Siegel

Byram students are settling back into their daily routines after returning from a much-needed break. As peers fill each other in about their week off and share their favorite memories, the following question arises: what did students do with their time off? To answer this, I talked with many individuals to learn all about their February break.

Some students headed to the beach for a little warm weather. Whether it was to Florida, or the Caribbean, or to another continent, I can safely say that many students received some vitamin D. Skylar Silverstein reminisces about her time in the Bahamas by explaining, “I had a lot of fun spending all day at the beach. It was very relaxing and de-stressing. The weather was so nice and a big change from the cold winter in New York.” In the midst of the large snow piles and constant need for mittens and hats, most people would agree that we are definitely in need of some of that warm weather!

Other students took advantage of the frigid conditions and headed to the mountains. Sophomore Ana Whelley is a perfect example of a student who embraced the ice and snow and did not need the sand or palm trees for an exciting vacation. She described her trip to Vermont: “I look forward to going skiing every year! It’s one of my favorite things to do, and every time I go, I love to be on the mountain all day.” Skiing and snowboarding are fun, popular activities to partake in on the slopes, and even if someone does not enjoy the sports, there is always delicious hot chocolate to be found.

However, some students enjoyed their week off by staying right at home. “Over the break, I hung out with some friends and did a little shopping. It was really nice to not have to worry about school work and deadlines,” Megan Lee, a sophomore, recounted. Going away is amazing, but it is just as easy to have fun at home as it is on the beach or in the mountains!

Overall, school breaks are a great time to relax and spend time with friends and family, whether it is in another country, at the beach, on the ski slopes, or right here in Armonk. Now that we are back, we have only one more question: How many days until spring break?