Welcome to the 80’s!

Byram Hills students had a blast dressing up as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson and many other fabulous stars. Read more to find out why!

By Olivia Scaglione

Neon, platform boots, big hair, and leg warmers. What do all of these things remind you of? The 80’s! Although Byram Hills students rarely implement these iconic 80’s looks into their style today, the Byram Hills Concert Choir had a blast going back to the 80’s for this year’s cabaret, dressing up as idolized stars of the decade, such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, etc. Each year, the seniors choose the theme of the cabaret, whether it’s backstage Broadway, mo-town, or 80’s-themed, all participants and viewers agree that the concert is so much fun to both perform in and watch!

The Byram Hills’ choir includes students from grade level, which makes the performance so special and exciting for the school. Sophomore Gabi Coronel revealed to me that this year’s choir has a lot of freshmen who joined this past year! Gabi explained how “the freshmen had tons of positive energy and this was a major factor in the success of this year’s cabaret.” Gabi continued to say that she thinks the main reason for the influx of freshmen into choir this past year is due to the success of the choir in preparing and performing the cabaret, and, of course, the fun everyone has while doing so. “I definitely think the kids in the middle school see how great cabaret is and this makes them want to join and participate in choir.” Supporting Gabi’s thoughts, freshmen and choir member Rebecca Frieden said that her first cabaret was “awesome” and that “cabaret was the main reason [she] joined the high school choir.” Frieden also added that “the choir worked really well together during the weeks leading up to the concert and that [she] cannot wait for next year’s show!” It is evident that the choir’s success is a result of working together and supporting each other while still remembering to have fun – all of which are components that make non-choir members compelled to join.

Not only do members of the choir love to prep and perform for the cabaret, but audience members also love to watch. Sophomore Emma Trembone said she was so impressed with the cabaret and couldn’t believe that the choir only had a few short weeks to prepare for their performance. “My favorite song to watch was a mix of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper and I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston because it was so energetic and the choreography was so much fun to watch! I also loved that the songs performed were songs I actually know and enjoy listening to!” Emma also told me that she will definitely be attending next year’s show! Freshmen Irene Byrnes also said that she was “amazed by cabaret” and “loved the theme choice of the 80s!” Thus, it seems audience members really enjoyed this year’s cabaret and definitely look forward to attending next year’s show!

This year’s cabaret was amazing for everyone involved! Tickets only cost $10-$12 depending on the time of purchase, but the concert choir guarantees a show worth your money! If you’re thinking about joining the choir next year, it seems that everyone who participates has had extremely positive experiences!  Even though next year’s cabaret theme is yet to be determined, if you want to see a good show with songs that you know and love, make sure to get tickets for the concert, or even better, join the choir and participate in next year’s cabaret!