The Senior Mentors Continue to Give Back

By Hallie Gordon

After having such an impactful experience delivering the gifts that the Freshmen wrapped, the Senior mentors returned back to the Ronald McDonald house to cook food for the families. The Ronald McDonald house is a home for sick patients and their families to stay and receive treatment. For the past five years, the mentors have generously brought gifts to the home around the holiday times. Although the idea of going back to the house to cook a meal has been discussed over the years, this year’s mentor group was the first to actually take initiative and follow through with this amazing act of kindness.

The night started off with the mentors cooking food such as chicken parmesan, salad, pasta, and tons of desserts. The head of the mentor program, Mr. Andriello states, “The idea of cooking for the families staying there is to take one thing off their minds while they have a child in the hospital.” This act of kindness epitomizes the generosity of our high school mentors and how they have a positive and long-lasting effect on the people staying in the house. Mr. Andriello also states, “I love the idea that we come in and do a small act that simply allows these families to focus on their children.” The ability for the mentors to be able to spend the time to cook this meal, which may seem like a simple act, has the ability to make this experience so meaningful.

Senior mentor David McDaniels had an extremely positive and enjoyable experience at the house. When asked his favorite part of the event, he claimed it was when a couple of the families that were staying in the house came into the kitchen to see what was going on. “Their excitement and happiness …. made the whole experience. It was great to put faces to these stories we heard about and came here to help.” All the mentors were really able to make such a significant impact on the people and help bring some excitement to the home. David also stated, “The people were unbelievably grateful… It was such a small action we made but they were so appreciative. It really inspires you to give more.” Volunteering is such an amazing thing, as it helps individuals in need, and allows for those volunteering to get out of the sheltered community of Armonk. David feels that this experience will always stay with him and it inspires him to continue to volunteer in various ways.

After this successful experience at the home, we hope this tradition is able to continue for years to come. It definitely is important to find time to volunteer and make an impact on someone else’s life. Something we may consider a small act of kindness can really affect someone else’s life forever.

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