Models for a Night: BHHS Fashion Show 2019

By Ellen Amico

In case you missed it last Wednesday night, many of the seniors got their chance to walk down the catwalk and show off some of Westchester’s finest clothing! The fashion show is a milestone for every senior that marks the beginning of the end of their time in high school. While it’s a fun night, it’s also bittersweet. The fashion show is run by students, including juniors who read brief biographies about the student models as they walk on stage, and is led by Mrs. Croke in order to raise money for prom.

This year, the outfits ranged from swimsuits and ski gear to neon-themed outfits. There was a wide variety of stores and outfits, which made the show that much more interesting. Additionally, the seniors got silly with their poses, pouring chocolate milk into cocoa puffs (thanks for cleaning up Lucas!) and dropping to do 10 pushups. Getting the opportunity to walk “showed the personalities of everyone participating, and let everyone be themselves when on stage,” says Samantha Krevolin.

Prior to Wednesday night, groups worked on their bios to be read aloud, as well as picked outfits. Senior Alessandra Colella remarked, “It was so fun to come up with our bios and go in and help choose each other’s outfits!” Friends wrote each other’s bios, bringing back embarrassing memories or cracking jokes about each other’s personalities and their time at BHHS. As seniors walked on stage their bios were read, for the humor and enjoyment of the audience.

Practicing the walk and figuring out poses is likely one of the more stressful parts of the fashion show. It can be nerve-wracking to walk out in front of an audience of family, friends, and many juniors – of course, no one wants to fall! Upon walking onstage, Samantha said, “I have to admit I was nervous at first since I’ve never been on the runway or done something like fashion show before. However, once I was out there with all of my friends, I could not have felt more comfortable.”

The senior fashion show is one of many traditions of senior year at BHHS and is a night to appreciate the seniors and reminisce on the past four years of high school. It’s a night filled with memorable outfits and poses, and many underclassmen look forward to when it’s their time to take the stage!

Special thanks to All Dressed Up, Beginnings Blues, Hickory and Tweed, Tru Grace, LF, Pedigree, Mixology, Rothman’s, STILE, Elephant’s Trunk, and Squires for generously sponsoring the BHHS fashion show!