Should Students Have Exams on Mondays?

By Chloe Sampere

It is 9:00 pm on a Sunday night. You have just had a delicious dinner with your family when all of a sudden you remember… you have a test tomorrow. After a relaxing weekend, the last thing any student wants to do on a Monday morning is to take a test; however, this is the reality for most students. The weekend is supposed to be a time for students to relax and de-stress from the week of school. They should be able to enjoy their weekend without the underlying stress of an upcoming test. Additionally, they have to cut time out of their weekend to be away from family in order to study for their test.

Although there is little research on the effects of test-taking on Mondays, many high schoolers can agree that they feel less prepared for Monday tests. Most high school students don’t begin their homework until late Sunday night, and by then, they have forgotten the majority of the material they are to be tested on.  

I spoke with sophomore Talia Dinstein who believes that “it causes a lot of stress because weekends are a time to sleep in and relax. During weekends you are not focusing on school or in the correct mentality to be studying hard for a test. Especially when taking tests first period on a Monday, it is very difficult to concentrate.” I agree with Talia because no student feels totally prepared for a test when it occurs right after a two-day break from school. Usually, a lot of material is forgotten, and students struggle to find time to adequately study after a break.

Opposingly, some students find the two days off a great time to plan and study extra for an upcoming exam. I spoke with sophomore Luke Briody who said, “It’s good to get tests out of the way at the beginning of the week. Monday tests allow for more time to study and prepare for an exam. However, sometimes it is better to have a chance to talk to a teacher before a test, which is hard to do when tests are on Mondays.” While Monday tests do allow for twice as much time to prepare, they also have their disadvantages, which include forgetting important material and not being able to communicate with a teacher before a test to ask questions.

Overall, the most beneficial test-taking for students would be to push tests back to Tuesday and allow an extra day of review. This solution would not only reduce stress but additionally, it would greatly improve grades by giving students a greater opportunity to prepare and study.