Ready for Spring Break?!

By Jordan Siegel

Spring fever is in the air at Byram Hills as the weather starts to get warmer and everyone gets ready to relax. Although it seems like February break just passed, believe it or not, spring break has arrived. Byram students’ stress from the end of the third quarter will be relieved by this week-long break. To celebrate the impending holiday, I talked to members of the student body to find out how they will spend their much-needed time off from the pressures and anxiety of high school.

Soaking up the sun after a long, cold winter is on the agenda for many students. The beach and some sunlight make the perfect recipe for a relaxing vacation. Carly Sperber and Megan Lee told me about their separate trips to sunny Florida: “First I’m visiting my sister at college in Virginia. Then, I’m driving to Florida with my friends. I will stay there for an entire week,” Megan informs me. Carly adds, “I’m flying to Florida to stay at my grandparents’ house with my friend. I’m really excited to go to the beach and relax.” Even though summer is coming up, it is never too early to enjoy some sun!

It is also not too late to get some extra skiing and/or snowboarding time. While some students are trying to get as far away as possible from the cold winter, others are trying to take advantage of the last fleeting moments of snow: “I’m going to Killington, Vermont for spring break. I plan on skiing and spending quality time with my family,” sophomore Drew Siskin explains. It seems like every break, you can always find some Byram Hills students headed out to the mountains to hit the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are one of the best parts of winter!

Nevertheless, there is so much to do right here! New York City is only a short train ride away. Lauren Amico tells me about her plans to spend her break in the city: “I have track practice during the break, but I’m also going to the city. I’ll be visiting my friends who don’t have school.” Heading to the city is a great way to have fun on your break if you are not going anywhere. There is so much to do, and it is so close by!

With finals’ season coming up, Byram Hills students will be utilizing their last break before summer to hit the books one more time! It is obvious that everyone is very anxious to be out of school for a week (and an extra Monday), but we just hope that spring break will not fly by too fast!

Have a wonderful spring break Byram Hills!