Leadership Roles at Byram Hills

By Amanda Anikstein

At Byram Hills High School there is a variety of leadership roles, including peer-leader, Chemistry TA, and mentor, which are offered for the seniors. These positions offer the seniors a chance to help their younger peers in high school by guiding or tutoring them in an informal way.

To begin, the peer-leadership position is associated with the 10th grade health classes. The peer-leaders act as role models for the sophomores and are there to answer any health-related questions their students may have. Each peer-leader dedicates two periods of their schedule each day: the first period of which Mr. Carpenter teaches the material to the seniors, and the second period where the peer-leaders teach materials to their students. As a sophomore, the peer-leadership program made my health class experience much better. Health is also a subject where most students may feel uncomfortable to address their feelings, but with a senior role model, the experience is much easier and enjoyable.  

Along with peer-leader as a leadership position, Chemistry TA is also offered at Byram Hills High School. The “Chem TA’s,” as what the students call it, are there to help juniors in the regents Chemistry course succeed with the material. The Chem TA program is very selective, and only the top & most committed students earn this position. The students applying for the program undergo interviews and practice presentations to make sure the new Chem TA’s are top notch! Sam Aberman, an upcoming Chem TA for the 2019-20 school year, wanted to take part in this leadership position because he wants to “help students understand Chem content through lessons and office hours.” He later adds that he is “excited to share my love of Chemistry with others!”  

One of the more popular leadership positions at the high school is mentor. For the first semester of senior year, the mentors spend the first period of the day with the freshman class. There are two mentors per class, a boy and a girl, and they both work to welcome the freshman into the high school. As a mentor, you create lesson plans to familiarize 9th graders into the high school, and help them to feel more comfortable in the new environment. Ethan Anikstein, who was a mentor in the school year of 2017-2018, feels that he made a difference to his “mentee’s” and was able to help them adjust to the high school in the smoothest way as possible.  Soon to be mentor, Amanda Tuzzo, describes that she wanted to become a mentor to give the tools to the freshman class of next year like her mentors gave to her during her freshman year.

Peer-leader, Chemistry TA, and mentor are just three of the more popular leadership positions offered at the high school. Hopefully, after reading this article, the idea of your children or yourself taking part of one of the many roles offered at Byram Hills becomes a topic of interest!