Circle of Life

Who doesn’t love a good bagel? Who isn’t anxiously waiting for the Bagel Emporium in Armonk to reopen? Read on to hear an update on the situation and when everyone’s favorite place is expected back…

By Olivia Scaglione

Every Armonk resident loved starting their morning off on the right note by going to the Bagel Emporium to grab a coffee, bacon egg and cheese, croissant or whatever they were craving. Similarly, Byram Hills students loved going to the Bagel Emporium, whether it was grabbing a quick muffin before class, buying a coffee which kept them awake during first period or meeting for an afternoon snack with friends after school, the Bagel Emporium was a routine part of many students lives. So when news broke that the Bagel Emporium had caught on fire on the afternoon of March 30 and was going to be temporarily closed down, many Byram Hills students were extremely saddened. Read on to hear the reactions of Byram Hills students and why they are looking forward the Bagel Emporium returning.

Many Byram Hills students have been deeply impacted by the fire that ripped through the Bagel Emporium since they felt apart of the store’s community. Sophomore Chloe Sampere explained how she “Loved going to the Bagel Emporium after track practice” and is already missing it. Sophomore Emma Trembone also told me that, “The Bagel Emporium had the perfect location right in the middle town and was the best place to grab a quick lunch with friends.” Emma, who lives close to the Bagel Emporium, said she would walk there frequently for breakfast, lunch or a snack. Emma adds, “I am really hoping the Bagel Emporium reopens soon and I am really excited because I’ve heard rumors that the Bagel Emporium is opening up a food truck.” In response to the rumors about the food truck, Alexa Jindal is ecstatic! Alexa told me that she thinks the food truck is “A great idea since it will cutdown the time that students and residents have to wait for the reopening on the Bagel Emporium.” Freshmen Rebecca Friedan agrees adding, “I’ve always wanted to go to a food truck and I think many people would enjoy going and getting food from the truck while socializing in Armonk at the same time.” So, it seems several Byram Hills students seem to like the idea of a food truck in town. Do you think the Bagel Emporium should open up a food truck?

It was your average workday for Sophomore Emma Sullivan when all of a sudden she started noticing smoke emerging from the vents. When one of her co-workers yelled, “There is a fire!”, Emma swiftly grabbed her belongings and ran out of the Bagel Emporium. When I spoke to Emma she said that the fire was, “Devastating, but [she] is glad everyone is safe.” Emma also commented on the rumors of the food truck in which she added that she is “Unsure if there is going to be a food truck, but regardless everyone should keep onto hope that the Bagel Emporium will reopen soon!”

Although rumors are swirling about the reopening of the Bagel Emporium or the possibility of a food truck, one thing that remains constant is everyone’s love and longing for their favorite bagel place in town. Armonk residents and Byram Hills students should hold on to hope that the Bagel Emporium will be reopening as quickly as possible. Comment what you will order when the Bagel Emporium reopens below!