Get the Latest Drop on the School Schedule

With school days being stressful enough, drop schedules have been designed to alleviate some of that stress. But is it working? Should the system be changed for next year? Read on to hear the students’ opinions….

By Hallie Gordon

With school days being stressful enough, drop schedules have been designed to alleviate some of that stress.  Byram Hills High School has a drop schedule cycle where each cycle lasts for nine days. This schedule is designed where you have eight periods in your total schedule. With the drop schedule, each day the cycle in sequential order is a drop day of one of those periods. For instance, if it was a “Drop 2” students would go to their period one class and after that class go straight to their period three class. Included in these days is around a twenty minute period for lunch. The first day of the cycle consists of an “A Day” which is where students go to all eight periods of their class but the periods are 41 minutes rather than 48 minutes. This type of schedule causes mixed reviews from students.

Freshmen, Julia Lucchino shares her opinion on drop days. She feels that “when it is a day that drops a class I don’t enjoy as much, she looks forward it.” Julia feels that the schedule does not incorporate enough free periods which could be useful for completing homework or studying for upcoming tests. Julia though enjoys A days, for they have short period times which make the class go by quicker. Overall, Julia enjoys the current idea of having a drop schedule except on days where dropping classes she enjoys.

Current Senior, Joely Coviello also shares her opinions on the drop schedule. Joely feels that the overall stress of students would be reduced if there was more free time or study hall since with the current schedule, students have limited time to do their work during the school day. If given a study period, students would be able to be more focused on their extracurricular activities which are sometimes hindered by school. Joely feels that if the period were longer, students would not be able to focus as much. Last, Joely claims that “a longer lunch would reduce stress because students would have more time to relax and de-stress during the school day.” As shown through Joely’s opinion, options like a longer lunch or a study hall period would have a significant impact on the students. Many students are spending an abundant amount of time on their school work, which can be reduced by some changes in the schedule.

To conclude, through various opinions of students the drop schedule has many different positive and negative components to it. While dropping classes such as the day before a test can provoke lots of stress for students, dropping a class that a student doesn’t like can help to lower their stress for the day. One thing agreed upon by Joely and Julia is that they feel the lunch isn’t long enough. With really no other downtime during the day besides lunch, it is important for students to be able to just relax and not be thinking about grades. With two separate lunches during the day, students also may not be in lunch with their friends, making it difficult to alleviate their stress. The drop schedule that Byram Hills has is surely contradictory and can benefit a student while also negatively affecting others.