Sophomores Take on the World

Last month, the sophomores tackled their first AP exam. Are you curious as to what it was like? Whether they felt nervous, prepared, or relaxed, read on to find out how sophomores felt going in to take their AP World History exam.

By Jordan Siegel

Taking an AP is a great opportunity for students at Byram Hills to challenge themselves, learn at a higher level, and prepare for the intensity of college classes. While most AP classes are offered for juniors and seniors, sophomores have the chance to take AP World History as opposed to Global II. After a long year of learning history beginning with the Neolithic Age, the sophomores took the AP exam on May 16. Before the exam, I asked some fellow classmates how they felt before going in to take it.

Some students felt self-assurance after months of studying and review. Drew Siskin explained, “I feel confident going into my first AP test as a sophomore. I know all year my classmates and I have been preparing, and I know I am beyond prepared.” Taking practice tests, going to review classes and reading textbooks were just some of the ways sophomores studied for their exam. Hopefully all of the studying paid off!

On the other hand, some students were feeling a bit anxious which is normal before a big test like an AP exam. “I feel really nervous because this is my first AP. But I know that I have studied so much and I am super prepared. I am wishing good luck to everyone who is taking it!” Ariel Sheinberg told me. This exam was what the whole class had been preparing for all year, and everyone wanted to do as well as possible, which lead to some nerves in students.

Feeling nervous before any test is usually a given, but it’s easy to take a deep breath and realize that it’s just a test. Skylar Silverstein adds, “My thoughts are that it is okay for me to be nervous, but at this point, I am well prepared. It is better if I just relax and remember whatever happens happens.” In the end, the sophomores reviewed, studied a lot and went into the test with confidence that they would do well.

As a sophomore who took AP World this year, I believe that the class was a good way to develop the skills I will need for future AP and college courses. In addition, it was an interesting class. I learned a lot, both skill-wise and content-wise, and I am grateful for the opportunity to take an AP as a sophomore.