Bagel Emporium Return

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. With the fire striking Bagel Emporium a few months ago, Armonk was left without the perfect place to go for this delicious meal. Just recently, Bagel Emporium has returned! Read on to learn more!!

On March 30, tragedy struck Armonk Square, leaving a gap in those breakfast-loving residents of Armonk. A fire that arose from the back of the Bagel Emporium left us all in shock and waiting for their return.

According  to Emma Sullivan, a past employee of the Bagel Emporium, and an 11th grade student at Byram Hills High School, “the fire was a blessing and a curse.” By this, she means that several advantages and disadvantages were experienced while working through the devastation with her coworkers. “Most of them,” Emma said, “needed their jobs to support their families, so laying off until reopening… just wasn’t an option.” Luckily, they were employed to other franchises of the Bagel Emporium, such as those in Tarrytown and Chappaqua.

During the summer, in the midst of renovation, the Bagel Emporium did their best to keep their loyal customers satisfied with their bagels. They opened a food truck stationed outside of their storefront and sold the bagels, iced coffees, and muffins that customers were longing for.

On August 28, after the complete renovation of the Armonk location, Armonk residents were shocked at the transformation, and this is where the “blessing” comes in. Much of the equipment and furniture destroyed in the fire had been dilapidated and tattered, so the new store impressed many customers with a flip in the set up, and the modern artwork and furniture. Not only were customers pleased with the cosmetic renovations, but they “were extra happy to get back the delicious bagels and coffee,” says Mya Tauber, a 9th grade student. Another student, Aliza Hammond, adds her opinion on the social perks of the return of the Bagel Emporium in that “it is a place where you can always bump into friends and hang out with others – it acts as a community meeting place where everyone would come together.”

It is evident that the return of the Bagel Emporium has brought delicious food and what was missing in our morning cravings, but most importantly, it has brought unity to our town and a reliable spot to socialize with Armonk residents of all ages with one very important thing in common… the love of bagels!

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