Student Spotlight: Aiden Cogan

The boys soccer team, with the help of junior goalie Aidan Cogan, is making a mark on Byram Hills athletics, ending with a 14-2 record on the season. Read on to hear all about Cogan, but also the varsity team’s focus heading into sectional play…

By Amanda Anikstein

 The boys varsity soccer team carries some of the best players in the league including Byram Hills junior goalie, Aidan Cogan. When @lohudsports, an instagram account capturing all the picture worthy moments in high school sports, posted a video of Cogan saving an outstanding goal by a Somers player, attention was brought towards the goalie. In the week that followed, no surprise, Cogan was nominated for Lohud’s “player of the week” award. Cogan was actually walking to practice when his peer told him he had been nominated- he was “very surprised!”

I was able to ask the Lohud nominated goalie a few questions: 

Q.  How do you feel when you are in the goal?

A.  A bit nervous at the beginning, but once the game starts, I’m laser focused, and I trust that my teammates will make the right play.

Q.  If you let in a goal, how do you motivate yourself to keep going? 

A.  It doesn’t matter if I let in a goal- You just need to keep focusing on the game.

Q.  How did you move forward after being nominated for Lohud’s “player of the week”? 

A.  It didn’t change much because in the end, I am still trying to win.  Overall, we are just focusing on winning and doing it as a team.

Q.  How does being a goalie affect the rest of the team/ game?

A.  Being a goalie impacts the game because we need to be vocal, and of course, play well! Also, as a goalie one mistake or one great play can make or ruin the game.

Q.  Have you always wanted to be a goalie?

A.  I started to play goalie in fifth grade for fun! My team didn’t have one, so I volunteered and immediately fell in love with the position.

Q.  What are the team’s views on Sectionals? 

A.  Our team’s outlook is something very special. Playing time means nothing. Goal differential doesn’t mean much. All we want to do is win, however we can get it done. Our goal is bigger than a section, but we have to go game by game to try and make sure we are successful.

The boys soccer team is making a mark on Byram Hills athletics, ending with a 14-2 record on the season. The varsity team is practicing daily and working hard to improve every day.   Aidan Cogan, and the rest of the team, are ready to move forward, to tear up the section one game at a time, and hopefully bring a section title back to the hills!!