Student Spotlight: Katherine Eisenhower

By Lizzie Manowitz

Senior Captain Kathryn Eisenhower is an integral part of the Byram Hills Varsity Field Hockey team with her amazing skills in goal and her positive leadership throughout the season. She started off this season like no other when she reached the amazing accomplishment of 300 career saves in goal during week one. This is an extremely impressive number to reach. Shorty after surpassing 300 saves, Kathryn was nominated for LoHud’s player of the week for her outstanding performance in goal. In one week alone, Kathryn made 68 saves. Throughout the season, she has continued to dominate in goal and help lead her team to victories such as the team’s 2-0 homecoming win over Harrison in which Kathryn shut down every shot on goal. 

On and off the field, Kathryn is an amazing leader and teammate. She constantly encourages all players on the team and works hard to create a positive atmosphere. I interviewed Kathryn to hear more about her accomplishments and her senior season. When asked how it feels to have reached such an amazing accomplishment of 300 saves in goal, Kathryn shares, “I didn’t believe it at first, and I even thought to myself, ‘I think they miscounted’” Kathryn says, “It’s really cool to get to this number, and I am very honored to reach this accomplishment with my team.” Further, when I asked Kathryn her favorite thing about playing field hockey, she immediately said, “the adrenaline rush in the goal. Everything happens so quickly and all at once.” The main thing going go through her head in those critical moments is definitely just “protecting the goal.”

While reflecting on her senior season, I asked Kathryn, what will you most and what is your biggest take-away from playing field hockey at Byram Hills. In response to this question, Kathryn shared, “What I will miss most is definitely my team. People always say that the bonds you make on sports teams will remain strong through life and that really is true” As her biggest take-away and something for all athletes to always keep in mind, Kathryn says, “Don’t stop until you succeed. When you fail, get back up and keep going until you accomplish your goal” Kathryn has truly embodied this spirit of determination all season long and as a captain, she has promoted this message of never giving up to all her teammates. 

Next season, Kathryn will definitely be missed, but the team could not be prouder of all her amazing accomplishments during her time at Byram Hills.