Should Students Get Jobs?

Is getting a job in high school worth the extra pressure it puts on students? Read on to hear a junior’s take on the subject!

By Jordan Siegel

High school students are known to fill their schedules to the brim with clubs, sports, and other activities, all on top of keeping up with their academics at the same time. While extracurricular activities are enjoyable and enriching, some students prefer to spend their time working a job. Jobs are important because they teach valuable skills such as time management, and working is a great way to earn money. Additionally, jobs can teach you budgeting skills – something that most of your regular academic classes don’t cover. However, getting a job is a big commitment even if you’re only working part-time. In order to do more research on whether or not high schoolers should get jobs, I asked a few Byram Hills students about their thoughts on the issue. 

Alexa Hershaft is a junior who works at Mixology, a clothing store in Rye. When I asked her whether or not she enjoys working, she replied, “I like working because I’m able to do something I enjoy while making money to spend on things myself. It makes me feel very responsible that I am able to make my own money without relying on my parents. I don’t work very often because I’m very busy with schoolwork and extracurricular stuff, but I like my job and my co-staff.” This is an example of how working a part-time job can be useful. You don’t have to work all the time; you are making your own money and you can learn something new!

Retail work might not be for everyone, so I asked Carly Sperber about her job at the Pottery Factory in Mt. Kisco. “Having a job makes me feel good because I am earning my own money, so I don’t always need to go to my parents when I want to buy something. I like my job, but sometimes it can get tiring and very repetitive. Working with kids can be very stressful, but at the same time I am learning a lot about responsibility,” she says. Carly points out the pitfalls of working as a highschooler. So, if you are looking to get a job, you must make sure that you are dedicated and hardworking because in the end, it will pay off! It’s especially important that you choose something that interests you so that when you’re looking for a real job, you know what your strengths are. 

Working a job is very beneficial; however, many students find that they just don’t have the time. There are some well-paying jobs that don’t require you to dedicate a lot of your time. For example, babysitting is a job that is usually sporadic and only requires a few hours of commitment at a time. Lauren Amico, who babysits every few weekends, told me that, “Babysitting is a great occasional job because it’s not an extensive commitment, and I like working with little kids.” It’s important that if you are looking for a job, you look for something that you’re passionate about. Jobs, although tiring and challenging, can be fun, too!

There is only so much you can learn from participating in extracurricular activities such as clubs or sports, and a job can give you plenty of real-world experience. I personally think that if you are looking to make money and you have the time and commitment, getting a part-time job is a great idea. Additionally, when it is time for you to get a job in the real world, you will be extra prepared!

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