The Hot Spots of Armonk

Armonk is a relatively tight-knit community and home to some of the best restaurants and bakeries in Westchester County. Read on to hear about the most popular spots in town…

By Arianna Tabankin

Armonk is a relatively tight-knit community; everyone has similar interests and favorites – There is no denying that fact. This can be seen by the way people rave about certain places and constantly show up to them, or how they support specific athletic events and charitable causes. Armonk is extremely well known for its restaurants, as it hosts some of the finest chefs and most delectable cuisines. Some common favorites include Broadway North Pizzeria, Tazza Cafe, The Bagel Emporium, Beascakes Bakery, and Sugar Hi.

Broadway Pizzeria recently returned to town, better than ever, and all Armonkians rejoiced, since the food is always great, and it is nice to see a friendly face as soon as you walk through the door. As Kate Levy describes, “they have great salad and pizza.” On Saturday and Sundays mornings, AYSO soccer players and their families can always be found here, grabbing a quick slice and a snapple. Broadway is the definition of a family-friendly restaurant. 

Tazza Cafe is everyone’s go-to coffee place. “Tazza is a great place to go after school to get a drink or a snack, and a great atmosphere to hang out with friends and family, or to simply do work,”  Hallie Gordon raves. One glance in the hallways in the morning, and you can spot dozens of Tazza cups right off the bat. Their coffee and food is always delicious, and they never lack a crowd. Surprisingly, Tazza has a diverse menu, ranging from sandwiches to acai bowls to pastries, allowing something to be found here for everyone. 

When another classic, the Bagel Emporium, returned to town, its presence did not go unnoticed. Everyone was definitely very excited and thrilled to see this must-hit morning haven back in business. After a rough few months, it came back better than ever; refurbished and delightful. The Bagel Emporium is one of the most popular breakfast spots, and is very busy with all of the high schoolers on weekday and weekend mornings. Their bagels and coffees are loved by all of Armonk. 

Beascakes’ seasonal coffees and treats always hit the spot. There is never a lack of pretty cakes and cookies, as well as their chilling beverages. Furthermore, I think everyone can agree when I say they have the best chocolate-chip cookies in town. Lucy Kwittken states, “I really love the food there, especially the cinnamon doughnuts.” Be sure to try them out – I know I will!

Lastly, Sugar Hi is where the fun comes to play. Their surplus of color, glitter, and toys is amazing as you feel whisked away to an enchanted kingdom when you enter. Their unique desserts are always astounding, and they make the coolest cakes – ever. Period. Everyone can find their favorite dessert here, as they have every dessert here! Sugar Hi is one spot dessert lovers cannot miss!!



Beascakes’ Cupcakes and Cakes