Gratitude to Great Friends

It’s not too late to celebrate friendsgiving… just grab your closest friends, add a holiday twist, and have fun!! Read on to hear all about friendsgiving…

By Arielle Goldman

There is one holiday that has leftovers exceptionally more delicious than the average dinner from the previous night. Is it Christmas? Hanukkah? Yom Kippur Break-Fast? Easter? Nope! The one meal that triumphs all the rest is, of course, Thanksgiving Day leftovers!

Thanksgiving is a remarkable, special day, as people are given the chance to take a break from their fast-paced lives and truly reminisce about the countless fortunes they have been blessed with over the years. It welcomes the opportunity to sit with loved ones, eat a scrumptious meal, and repeatedly exclaim over and over again how beyond grateful they now realize that they are. It encourages the recognition of the gift to be a part of a family that loves unconditionally, no matter how dysfunctional, while also sparking feelings of joy and genuine happiness. There is nothing quite like quality time with one’s family. 

While listing what people are most grateful for at the dinner table, it may not be a surprise to some that friends are at the top of the list. Most people feel especially thankful to have a couple of true friends they can count on to do almost anything to make the other smile, laugh, and love them for who they are. While there is no actual holiday that recognizes the awesomeness of friends, “Friendsgiving” certainly does a great job of getting the point across! 

“Friendsgiving” is literally a get together of close friends around the time of Thanksgiving in an effort to give gratitude to one another for being there, and more importantly, a celebration for those who value friends as much as family. Friends bask in the Thanksgiving Day spirit and eat lots of Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Ari Tabankin, a sophomore, exclaims that she “really enjoy[s] Friendsgiving because it combines [her] two favorite things; friends and food. It is so fun to get dressed up and eat good food with your second family. It’s such a festive and exciting time.” With such busy high school schedules, a nice get together of friends to simply eat a quality meal and laugh profusely can be unheard of. Friendsgiving allows for friends to purely be friends and stop worrying about anything else going on in their lives. Morgan Aronksy, a sophomore, claims that it is “a special time [for friends] to get together and have a nice meal. Everyone reminisces about how grateful [they] are to have each other while …. making memories.” It is incredibly important for everyone to take a break from their lives and count all of their blessings whether that means thanking God daily or pausing before falling asleep to think of all the good fortune of the previous day. 

However, while Thanksgiving does elicit strong feelings of gratitude, it should not be the only time people feel thankful, for every person is blessed every single day, no matter how poorly or how great the day has gone. Always remember to say thank you to the person that holds the door open for you; smile at the person that hands you your coffee or grades your test; let your friends know that you appreciate them, and do it more than once a year. We can all live in the spirit of Friendsgiving every single day. Let’s all enjoy the little things and always be grateful.