Boys JV Basketball Battles Somers

On Tuesday night, our JV basketball team was matched with a tough opponent: Somers High School. Read on to hear a run through of the intense game…

By Robert Ziff

On Tuesday night, our JV basketball team was matched with a tough opponent: Somers High School. So far this season, the team is 1-0,winning its first game against John Jay last Saturday. Led by sophomores Danny Bernstein, Benny Rakower, Michael Rocco, as well as  freshman Gavin Javorsky and Sean Siegel, the Byram squad kept the game close in the first quarter. They played stellar defense by forcing travels and turnovers, while also demonstrating the ability to take a charge in which Coach Repa and Coach Lynch has engraved in the Byram Basketball Culture. As the first half came to an end, Bernstein scored back to back and-ones, giving byram the lead.

Although Byram is a relatively under-sized team, players like Sean Siegal, Gavin Javorsky, and Gino Schecciano were great on the boards and had many putback opportunities. These players, along with others, also revealed their ability to communicate on defense and force turnovers and get blocks on fastbreaks. As the third quarter came down the stretch, we saw Byram’s great depth come off the bench, as Alec Miller, Joey Brown, and Alex Yallof, all showed their great capability of scoring, taking charges, and getting rebounds. Although we saw many great things from Byram, Somers continued to knock down shots from the field, keeping the game within a few buckets. The game remained close and as the third quarter came to an end, Jeff Lynch and his squad picked up the intensity with a full court press. 

In the fourth quarter, the atmosphere shifted. Freshman Zach Gluckman and sophomore Alec Miller constantly took charges. The young team continued to force turnovers and get past Somers’ press brake. With only one minute left, Danny Bernstein knocked down two free throws to take the lead. However, Somers was able to make two free throws, tie the game, and they ultimately  caught a break with a mid range jump shot to take the win. 

Although this Byram team lost, the entire roster demonstrated great skill and teamwork. Sophomore Danny Bernstein put up 16, while freshman Sean Siegel scored 13. With these two, along with many other freshman and sophomore threats on the court, we should expect big things from this squad in the future.