Lunch – Who Doesn’t Love It?

Lunch is an important part of the day for students, but many people at BHHS are not satisfied with the amount of time provided for the period. Is this likely to change? Students and administrators think the future looks bright…

By Lindsay Miller

If you were to ask students, most likely starting in Kindergarten, the simple question: What is you favorite period of the day at school? It is guaranteed that you would be over flowed with responses stating that lunch was their favorite time of the day. Why, you ask? I think the more appropriate question is, why not? You have time to hang out with your friends, eat a snack, and you are just overall relieved from the academic stresses of the day. Unfortunately, at our school, many students are not satisfied with the amount of time provided for lunch: 25 minutes.

However, students, teachers, and administrators are working closely to alter the schedule to allow for a longer lunch period. For example, in the Global Scholars program offered here at the high school, the Design Thinking Process was implemented and students worked collaboratively to each come up with their own idea of a ‘perfect schedule.’ Byram Hills senior and participant in the Global Scholars program, Sofia Giamartino, explained the process that took place during an entire school day where “3 Global Scholars students met in a room and went through the entire Design Thinking process.” Giamartino then elaborated on how they interviewed administrators and teachers to map out a new schedule to eventually present it to Principal Walsh for consideration for upcoming years.

Sofia, as well as many other Global Scholars students, reflect on this experience positively, and how it allowed them to problem solve. Each group had to uniquely arrange the times of classes throughout the day to all result in the same goal: a longer lunch to satisfy the students! The future is bright, a longer lunch awaits us!